Quick start (simple way)

Download the pre-patched client (776 MB).

Excelsior Prepatched Client - version 12
Torrent/MagnetLink: Excelsior Prepatched Client - version 12 - under construction

When finished downloading, run the installer.

Already have the pre-patched client, but want to update?
Download the Expatcher, place it in your client folder and run it.

Expatcher (Excelsior patching utility)

Looking for older versions of the patch? Links are at the bottom.

That's it! But just in case you run into trouble:

When you open the game, you will have to type in a username and password. The account will be created. Once you select the shard to play on (doubleclick Excelsior), you can pick what profession you would like for your character. You can choose "Advanced" and set your skills and stats however you'd like. By default, you can have up to 5 characters. It's possible to later upgrade and recieve an extra character, having a total of 6.

- If you get a "Your account credentials are invalid" message, that means that the username is already taken (or you typed in the wrong password).

- If you get a "There is some problem communicating with Origin" message, that means that there already exist a username that has previously connected with your IP. In this case, if a member of your household already has an account on this shard, have them login into their account and then type [account in game. There you will see an option to request an additional account for a member of the household. We strongly advise that you carefully read the disclaimer that will be shown to you. We only allow one account per person, and an account may only be used by it's owner.

- Already have an account, but forgot your password? This is the case if you get the error message: "Your account credentials are invalid". You can recover your username & reset your password at this address: Password reset form

- Still can't get in? Contact us by email. The email address can be found on our frontpage.

If you would like to connect with a client you already have installed

We support a few extra graphics, it is recommended that you download the prepatched client. But if you would rather use one you already have installed, first check if your version is between 5.0.0 and Then edit your Login.cfg file (with any text editor, such as Notepad), and change the existing address and port to point to our server. Your login.cfg file has to contain the following line:,60
You can download the "Mondain's Legacy" version for free from on this page (when you download and install it, edit the login.cfg file as described above).

Manual patching (644 MB): The server supports many extra custom graphics - mounts, equipment and colors. To see them, you need to have the correct modifications.
Then, download and run the Expatcher (download link at the top of the pag).
Can be used only if you already have client 5.0.9 installed. Once you download the file, unzip the contents in your client folder. More instructions are available on this forum post.


Patch upgrades and old versions

Issues with the game? You can try one of these:

• Download Prepatched client version Expatch11 (2nd september, 2016)
• Download Prepatched client version 4b (1st march, 2015)
• Download Prepatched client version 4a (24th August, 2013)
• Download Prepatched client version 3c (24th August, 2013)

You can also check out Expatcher changelog.



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