If you have lost one or multiple items, one or more pets, your entire corpse or forgot to lock something down in your house, it is possible to get it back.
- 100 ED to find the items, 10 ED per item for the first 10 items. 11th and further items are free, making it max 200ED.
- If the items are found to still exist, but you have misplaced them, the fee is 50 ED.

Recovery is possible at maximum 2 weeks back in time (14 days or 336 hours). The recovery may be done in a day or two, but sometimes it can take a week or even longer. Even if it takes a long time, if you have sent the request within two weeks of losing it, it still counts. Note that only items that were proven to exist in the past, and no longer exist, can be recovered.
If the item was misplaced, the current location of it will be shown to you, but only if it is currently in your posession. If the owner is another person, the 50ED fee includes a reminder message (by proxy) to the new owner, notifying them that they have an item that you are missing, but it is up to them to return it to you.

To recover a lost object in the game, send a help request in-game (click the Help button on your paperdoll)
In the message, include the following:
- Date and time - when you last saw the item/pet or when you were killed.
- Item(s) - just one item, or a few, or the whole box/corpse.
- Location - where you think the item was before you lost it.
- Any other information that you think is relevant.
- As you send the ticket, you need to have the funds to cover the recovery fee in your bank box.

Info that you need to provide - in detail:

Date and time:
- Please write the Shard Time (i.e. Central European timezone). Type [time to see what time is right now on the shard. If you don't know the shard time, but only your local time, please write what timezone you are in.
- If possible, write it in the 24h format (e.g. 15:48), or at least write AM/PM. It's impossible to understand what time you mean if write "a few days back, around 9:45".
- About precision: For example, if you got a good weapon, died 15 minutes later and lost it, it may not even be possible to recover it, but you would need to know the time precisely to the hour and possibly to the minute. On the other hand, if you had a weapon in your bank box for the last 3 months untouched, took it out and lost it, then you don't need as precise time, since practically it can be recovered from practically any save from the last 3 months. You can use [time

Items and location
- If recovering the entire corpse this is quite self explanatory, so you can just write "Please recover everything that was on my corpse" or "I lost the entire corpse, but only need the level 87 katana and my mobile forge".
- If it was in the house, please explain where the item was, for example "i had a box on my porch, i need that box and all it's contents" or "upstairs, in the north part of the house, near the forge is a white box. Inside was a backpack in which were my metal storage keys. I need the keys and the runebook next to them".
- If items can't be found, we can arrange for you to log on to the test shard to show the exact location.
- The recovery process can take a lot of time and energy, hence the price.


Recovery due to bugs

Please note that of the hundreds of reported "bugs", where items simply vanished, there were practically no confirmed cases. When a recovery is made, if the circumstances point to a possbility of a bug, it will be investigated. In case of a real bug, the recovery is free, but chances of that are extremely slim.

Note that in the event of a massive bug, the problem will be approached differently, rather than recovering everyone's items manually, which can be practically impossible.

Loss due to a disconnect, downtime or crash, is not considered a bug. These are things that do happen and are out of our control. Spending 3 days recovering people's items if there is a disconnect, if nobody had them insured, is not a really smart use of time. That's why you should insure your items and bond your pets.

There was always a reason why the item vanished. Top reasons include:
- item not insured/blessed,
- pet not bonded,
- pets not fed,
- no gold in bank for insurance renewal,
- item not locked down,
- equipment damaged to 0 durability,
- ... or simply misplaced.




Account recovery

As of June 23st, 2013, as requested by several players, it is possible to recover the whole account. This was intended as a temporary option, but it is still active, and will be for some time to come.

What will be recovered:
- Contents of your bank box, backpack, equipment on your paperdoll, Exex balance,
- Your skills including applied powerscrolls, stats (str/dex/int) including your stat cap,
- Bonus pet slots, bonus house slots,
- Stabled pets,
- Age and ID of your account.

Notes - please read carefully before requesting your recovery:
- Contents of your house cannot be recovered.
- Skillball on your new account will be deleted (or skill increase undone, unless if your old character had more of that particular skill).
- You will have to return the Mistveale artifacts that you have obtained on the new account, since those are only for new players and your account is considered to be old after the recovery.
- If the old account was permanently banned, a recovery is not possible.
- Although a partial recovery is possible, but the fee is not reduced in this case (for example if you want just a few of the good stuff that you remember).
- If items have been sold or given away, they cannot be recovered. Your account and character is restored exactly how it was before it was deleted.
- It is not possible to first check what items or skills you had so you could then decide whether to recover it since finding your old account and relaying all that information actually takes as longer as an actual recovery.
- It is not possible to fund the recovery with the ED or valuable items from the account that is to be restored.

Important: Account recovery process cannot be undone. All the items/skills/stats
are recovered as they were before the account was deleted, but if it's less than
you remember, it is not possible to undo the process to get the ED back.

- 600 excelsior dollars.
- if you know exactly what your old username was and know approximate date when you last played (within 3 months precision), and you send a help ticket with correct subject and information, while having 400ED ready in your bank box of the new character, the fee is 400 ED.

To request a recovery:
1. You must have an account already on the server.
2. Send a help request in-game (click Help on your paperdoll. Chose the option "Request a player service").
3. In the message, write your past username and approximate date when you last played. If you don't know these two things, write whatever information you remember that might be relevat to finding your previous account in the archives.

you will need to be identified as the owner of that account, here are a few possibilities for you to authenticate yourself:
- Use the same password on your new account, as you had on the old account. Or you may be asked to enter the old password through a special online form.
- If your old account had an email associated with it, a confirmation email may be sent to that address.
- Still having access to forums, or having donated in the past may help with the verification.


For those serving in the military or in humanitarian missions

If you were unable to log on to the shard because of military duty, or you have spent a long time away from the internet on a humanitarian mission, and your account decayed, you can get a FREE account recovery. Same as above, this is only possible once in a lifetime.
This is only possible for the person serving, not family members.
Disclaimer: this is possible in limited quantities, as long as these requests aren't too frequent. If it turns out there are too many players eligible for a free recovery, this will be changed.

In order to qualify, you have to prove your status:
- For veterans (already discharged), scan your DD214 form, then open the scanned image in an image editing program (such as Paint) and *black out any sensitive information, including your social security number, etc. This is very important*. What is needed, basically, is your name and surname.
- For those still in the service, send the account recovery request, as written above, from your name.surname@*.mil address.
- We assume a similar kind of documentation can be provided, to prove that you were really unable to log on to the game for more than 6 months. You can send an email and we might make it work.

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