Overall rules for player names

A name of a player name must be at least 2 characters and at most 16 characters long. If a player has a title, the combination of name and title can be at maximum 40 characters long, this includes the comma or "the" between the name and title, and all spaces and possible special characters in both the name and titile. Fame titles (Lord/Lady/...) do not count toward this limit.

Title change
- 500,000 gold pieces.
The title can be of your own chosing, within certain limits. Removal of a title is free.
This is intended for game-related titles, such as "the dread of orcs", "the king of tinkers", "the merchant", "the ingenious", "the unicorn tamer", "the midnight wanderer" and so on.
The title must start with the word "the" or a comma or a dash. It can also be a combination of dash+"the" or comma+"the". Examples "Playername the merchant", "Playername, the merchant", "Playername - the merchant".

It's not possible to set the title to something that would appear as a special in-game entity (e.g. "paragon", but having a "slayer or paragons" is allowed).
It's not possible to set the title to show some special position or function on the shard, such as "staff", "mentor", "king of excelsior", "official ~something~", etc.

Name change
Now possible without the help of staff. Type [account and click the "Change name" button.

Forum username change
Your forum username can be changed to match your main character's name. A requirement for this service is that you have added your email address to your account (in the [account menu) and that the shard account email matches the forum account email. This is intended to be used so that the forum username matches the name you are commonly known on the shard; if you do a name change just so you can get a different name on the forum, then change your in-game name again, the forum username may be reverted back to original or to the in-game name that you are currently known for.

Customization of an NPC in your house (personal spawned vendors, regular player vendors, barkeeps)
- 50,000 tokens per NPC
Since it's not yet possible for players to customize some aspects of these NPCs, you can request the assistance of a staff member for this. All of the things below may be changed for the same flat-fee if it's all done in a single request (visit by the staff member). The following can be changed:
- hair type and color,
- gender,
- clothing/equipment,
- name.
Barkeeps can also be moved within the same house, using this service.

Personal message on the town criers
- 100,000 gold pieces per line per 24 hours. Maximum of 72 hours and 2 lines.
For example, two lines for 2 days would cost 400.000gp. This is ment for advertising your guild, vendor, or simply as a personal message you want others to hear. Messages can also be scheduled up to one week in advance. Advertisements for real world entities such as companies, products or other shards are not permitted. After the message expires, you have to wait for the same duration before you can request a similar message on the towncrier again.

Skill decrease
A staffmember will decrease any skill you would like to any level you would like, as long as that new level is lower than your current skill level. This is possible due to no-skill-limit, since you cannot decrease your own skills.
- 50,000 tokens

Hair type or hair color change for your bio-engineered pet or creature that is in your house (personal spawned vendor, regular player vendor, barkeep)
-50,000 tokens + price of the hairstyle or hair dye

Placing and moving of special addons
Some items in the game are unique or available in a limited edition and might not be fully compatible with the complexity of our world. For this purpose, the following kinds of items:
- addons purchased at grand auctions may be placed or moved,
- decorational items next to special houses (water house, mountain house) may be moved or removed,
by the help of a staff member for the price of 100.000 tokens when the staff member visits your house upon your request. This service is free for items bought at an auction, if a help request is submitted within 7 days after the auction.



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