Acts (minor rules)

This page serves as a permanent location for minor rules, called acts. Posting on the forum may get forgotten; and sometimes something is decided and the decision is forgotten over time. That's why if a small rule is decided upon, it is posted here.

You do not need to know these acts. If an act regulates something that a player is capable of doing, there is no penalty defined for breaking of such rule. But if you are warned by a staff member, to stop doing it, the next time you may receive a penalty, which also is not defined. Which roughly translates to: if you are told to stop, you should stop.


Halloween costumes

(will be added when the costumes become available)

Taking turns at a spawn

October 1st, 2013:
- If player A is waiting for a creature to spawn, and player B comes to the area, player A goes first, followed by player B, and then player A again. If a third person comes to the spawn, they are added to the end of the line.
- If a player is fighting a monster, and dies, they keep their right to fight it. A player is allowed 2 minutes to resurrect and come back to the fight. They are only allowed one resurrect for this purpose. A second death means that the next person in line can start attacking the monster.
- If a player is hidden, it is considered that they are not in line. If other players know that someone is there, hiding, they may still honor his or her place in line, if they chose to.
- When the monster spawns and the first person in line is away from keyboard (does not engage in combat and/or is not responding), the next player in line can proceed to attack the monster. In this case, the first player loses his or her place and must go to the back of the line.

Auction-purchased houses, such as a house on water, in the stars, or on a mountain

September 15th, 2013:
It is possible to merge two auction-bought houses, using the following guidelines:
1. Only two houses of the same type can be merged (water-water, star-star, mountain-mountan). For example, a star house cannot be merged with a water house.
2. At maximum 12 such houses can be joined together.
3. For water and star houses: the merged houses must remain at a long distance from the shore, or from the edge of the stars. They cannot be brought closer to shore. In case of obstacles nearby, all houses can be moved to a completely different location.
4. For mountain houses: merging a mountain house may not be possible, if the terrain is not even enough. One house must always remain where it was, and another is brought to it. The original house may be moved by a few tiles to accomodate the new house, but the houses cannot be moved to a completely different location.

Use of old-style training rooms

September 15th, 2013:
What it is: An old-style training room, is a little area of about 10x10 tile size, inside is a personal trainer. A "key gate" is used to access the room - only a person with the correct key in their backpack can walk through the gate. The last of the rooms as a donation reward was made in 2009. Another was sold at an auction in February 2010, and two in December 2010.
Transfering: They were transferrable at the time, according to records the last transfer was made in early 2010. In 2012 it was decided that these training rooms will no longer be transferable to another player, as there was no request to transfer for two years and because with the introduction of the personal trainers that are placed in the house, the training rooms have been phased out.
Although one may transfer the keys to another player, only the owner may request for the keys to be reset.
Decay: The training room decays when the account of the owner decays.

Forum signatures maximum height

September 15th, 2013:
The maximum height of a signature is 80 pixels, this rule applies for the shard forums ( We would like to avoid a scenario where you scroll down through a thread, and half of the screen are just images within people's signatures.

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