UO Auto Map

UO Auto Map

We have a dedicated UOAM server available for players of Excelsior.

UOAM can be downloaded our website:
Recommended version: UO Auto Map
Alternatively you can download: UO Auto Map 8.3 beta


UOAM requires Razor to display your location.


1. Unzip the file to a folder of your choice.
2. Start UOAutoMap, press Ctrl+K (or go to the top menu -> Link -> Controls) .
3. Fill in the information:
Name: Your character name on the shard
IP:   Port: 2000
Don't forget that this feature allows other players in the channel to see your location.

Leave the password field blank to enter the public channel, or specify a password and create a new channel to which only people with the same password can enter. This is useful if you want only your guild members to see you.

You can find even more info on the Wiki page - UO Auto Map


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