Coming soon

- Exceptional relayers and an edit to existing relayer deed.
- More internal code for Elysium and Touria.
- All of the special moves.
- and more...

Soon to be added but not necesarily by next restart:
- Guild hue upgrades (ability to register it without help of staff, tracking or some way of unhueing items, so that you dont have to page staff).
- Addons to retain hue that was applied to it with a unitub.
- Changes to the crop system, specifically how crops can be grown on public fields.

June 4th

ADD Ability to use non-standard weapon-abilities (for custom weapons in quests or auctions, as well to make abilities work with weapons that use custom graphics).
FIX A core improvement to prevent overlaping carpets (and other items) to preserve their order and not get all jumbled up in a restart.
FIX A core improvement to prevent buggy map chunks - where a small area fails to load properly.

April 20th

ADD Ability to place wall-enabled addons directly by targeting a wall (enabled for country flags, Harry Potter theme flags, and some tapestries).
ADD Cooldown for quests can now be made per-account instead of per-character.
ADD ItemConverter - box to be used mainly for quests and events.
ADD A few new items for the treasure map upgrades.
FIX World save & safebet - incompatibility in displaying the exact time.
FIX Some paragon chests were not turnable.
FIX Minor system code fixes and upgrades.
FIX Account gump - [account command - has restrictions for max length of 16 characters of username and password (password change & account request).
CHANGE Vote stone for GTop100 - now possible to collect rewards for the current IP only.

March 9th

FIX Meer mages no longer activate their spell while you are logged off.
FIX Feeding bucket bug with initiating feeding nearby pets on server restart.
FIX Weapon type change deed now transfers over the "one-handedness" of a weapon, if a relayer deed was previously used on the weapon.
FIX Minor exploit with the Jail Warden (rock jail system).
FIX Player vendor price input menu - legacy input works now.
FIX BODs and BOD books labels (tambourine with tassel, medium crate, large crate).
FIX Exex depositing Sturdy Pickaxes.

February 1st

CHANGE Pets now go idle after 3 minutes, or 3 hours if they're on a personal trainer. They don't go idle in Touria or Elysium.
CHANGE Account bound items cannot be traded. Account bound items made from now on will be "strictly bound" by default meaning it will not be possible to pick them up by someone who doesn't own it (unless specifically configured otherwise for some item).
ADD Simple way for staff to make an item decay after some time or for it's decay timer to start ticking after it's picked up.
FIX A re-fix of polymorph spell - turning to lizardman used the patch2013 graphics.
FIX Town houses can on longer be made sinkable (it's just a confusing option, but still provides a cool effect).
FIX Spell channeling deed now works on clothing items (useful if a clothing item is relayered into a left-hand slot such as a lantern/torch/candle).
FIX Meditation will no longer un-equip a spell-channeling piece of clothing.
FIX Imprisoned dogs no longer lose their hue at polymorph.
FIX Occasional hue error with monsters spawning in ilshenar.
ADD Tool for managing event areas, improvements/fixes to other tools and commands.
CHANGE Balrons has decreased chance of dropping skill essences.

January 16th

ADD House lockdown/secure/release option comes up if you drop an item, or try to pick up an item that is locked/secured.
ADD Vote reward stone for
FIX Issue with personal spawners (where an animal spawner is set to "always facing").
FIX Bug with hitching posts (old ones that were crafted before the previous exploit-fix had zero uses).
FIX Interior decorator "turn" option checks if an item's graphic is in valid state (e.g. to avoid turning a relayered item into it's original form).
FIX When acquiring a new BOD and your backpack would be unable to hold it, the BOD drops to the ground.
UPGRADE House ankhs are now turnable.
UPGRADE Improvement for customization of mountain houses.
CHANGE Vendors have a longer delay in between their walking-around so that the menu can be clicked easier.
ADD Menu when adding an item to your vendor, to enter price and description separately (avoid the confusion that comes with the existing prompt), also has a help button that shows more info on the subject.
UPGRADE Raffle stone shows the winner of the previous raffle.
ADD Ability to make keys non-copyable (preventing exploits).
FIX Travesty's morphed creatures into Patch 2013 graphics.
UPGRADE Staff tools improvements and code optimizations.






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