August 9th

UPGRADE Co-owners can now also manage rented vendors (if the lockdown & customization by coowners is enabled in the house's security menu).
ADD Ability to disable items from being dyed with a unitub (intended for use with collectible items that come in a variety of colors).
ADD DespawnAfter property on BaseCreature - for the creature to auto-despawn with a delay after it starts fleeing, or after it engages in combat. (Game mechanic that is not yet active)
UPGRADE Tool House now holds Sturdy Axe (separate from regular lumberjacking), no longer accepts levelable weapons as tools (so far it refused only blessed & insured items).
FIX Issue with savage skin paint not coming off.
ADD Ability to disable an item from being bought by NPC vendors.
UPGRADE Vendors on vendor chairs (public vendor mall) support multicurrency, adjustable daily fee (by factor, fee can also be disabled) and sales tax.
UPGRADE Solen Matriarch, if you drop a crop seed on it will tell that crop seeds aren't accepted (to prevent confusion, since crop seeds are still seeds).
UPGRADE Targeting system upgraded for simple handling of invalid targets (out of sight, cannot be seen, etc)
UPGRADE House addons can now be chopped even if out of sight.
UPGRADE TeleportStone (tele ball with chained target) can now be used by players, intended for spectators or commentators of an event.
FIX Temporary binding is now triggered when item is actually transfered/traded, not only when equipped.


(several entries missing)

March 31st

UPGRADE Personal spawner can now spawn animals inside a private house, the animals will no longer be booted out.
ADD Ability for houses to have a bigger yard (intended for auction houses that don't have neighbours).
UPGRADE Player vendors can now be moved to another location within the house, or to a different house owned by the same player. Rented vendors require permission from the renter before the landlord can move them.
UPGRADE Staff tools improvements, code cleanup/reorganization, technical improvements.

March 24th

UPGRADE Guild hues improvement, hued items cannot be traded anymore, and can be removed of their guild hue with ease.
FIX Bag of holding - a heavy item can now be dropped into the bag of holding without giving you the error that it cannot hold more weight.
ADD Broadcast tool - allows a player to show a global announcement (in a different style than the world chat).
UPGADE Adding a friend or co-owner to a house is now possible via the name search menu, allowing to add a player even if he/she isn't present at the house.

March 16th

FIX Cleanup of various code that produced orphaned items or mobiles. (Planned to be available in the new facets)
UPGRADE/FIX Mage monsters can now cast any kind of spell (tested with a wide array, there might be some buggy ones still out there).
UPGRADE If using "Leave house" while in a merged house that is on the south side, you will be moved directly outside, and no longer to the south-eastern corner of all the merged houses.
UPGRADE Books can now be written to by XmlSpawners.

February 19th

ADD Major addition - gameserver-side support for the portal 2.0.
ADD Guildmaster can transfer their fealties to another member.
FIX Guildmaster is recalculated immediately after someone changes their fealty or leaves the guild (instead of waiting up 24 hours for it to refresh on a timer).
UPGRADE GetFollowersStone and CorpseStone will no longer keep you frozen if you disconnect while having the gump open.
FIX Mobile anvil keeps number of uses remaining after a restart, and uses are reduced when using it for crafting. Also fixed mislabeled ingredient in crafting the anvil (requires rivets, was labeled as bolts).

February 9th

CHANGE Mounting a pet will move you to the pet, and not move the pet under your character.
UPGRADE Universal dyetub no longer allows reserved hues to be used (except if the user is member of that guild).
FIX Regular dropboxes and auction submission chests no longer mark parcels as "for delivery" (which would make the parcels poof after last item is taken out).
FIX CorpseStone and GetFollowersStone no longer keep you frozen if you disconnect while having them open.
FIX Champion spawn no longer resets participants on server load.

February 2nd

UPGRADE Server support for new Expatcher (notify in-game when a new patch is available)
FIX Containers marked "for delivery" (such as Exex withdrawal backpacks, mail parcels) will auto-poof after the last item is taken out.
FIX No longer possible to send account-bound items with mail parcels.

January 15th

FIX Fixes about how map data is loaded in hopes that it will eliminate the map glitches that come up randomly sometimes.
FIX Attempting to steal a non-stealable item no longer sets a delay for skill use.
UPGRADE Warning that item is no longer insured (on death) now also comes up if your auto-renew is disabled (and also if you lack funds for reinsurance).
ADD Ability to make any item stealable, this is an addon for improvement of future content.

January 14th

FIX Vendors will no longer accept gold as gift if the stack amount is greater than 2000gp.
FIX Now possible to uncast Angelic Faith spell (not just wait for it to expire).
FIX Benches & fences (addons of dynamic size) sometimes didn't register to the house and weren't chopable.
FIX For joined houses, ability to lock down, secure & release items/containers while standing in a different house.
FIX Bug with joined houses, if you dropped an item into a locked-down container (not secured) that was actually in a different house, that item didn't get automatically locked down.
FIX Now possible to lock down a bag that contains a vendor rental contract. The contract will not function if it's locked down in a container.
FIX Misc code optimizations & cleanup.
FIX PersonalTrainer fixed bug that made it possible to add more people to the list than it is limited to.

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