Staff ranks

The staff ranks on Excelsior are standard to all shards, having Counselors, Game Masters, Seers and Administrators. The head of staff is the Coordinating Administrator


The counselor position is given to beginner staffmembers who are still learning about the game itself, the basics of staffing or the particularities of Excelsior. Counselors have a small array of powers that they can use, they usually do smaller events, tour new players and help with easyer issues. Counselors are not to be confused with Council members, which are players.

Game Master

A game master has all the tools for building the world, making all sorts of events. This is the basic level a staffer achieves after successfully completing their Counselor period.


Beeing a seer is sort of like beeing a Counselor before becoming a Game Master. They have seniority above Game Masters and Counselors, have some extra duties and abilities.


The Administrators have complete control over the shard and it's contents. They usually also have access to the server on which the shard is hosted, beeing able to restart it or update the functionality of the shard. One of the Administrators is the Coordinating Administrator, that person is incharge of the shard and can make all the decisions, but must listen to recommendations from players and other staffmembers.

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