April 26th

CHANGE Vote reward stone now starts with a 5000gp reward, progressively 2000 more for each vote, and gives 1ED for 20th and further vote. The stone only stores progression for active accounts, so not voting for a long time can reset progress (exact time to be determined).
FIX SofaTan(E/W) and Chair(Plain/Tan)(E/W) had wrong graphics for the seating part.
CHANGE Rented World Teleporter destination can now be inside a house.
FIX Weapon type change deed didn't transfer over the "Blessed for" to the new weapon.
FIX Possible to trade 0-slot houses if you won't have an available slot.
ADD Staff safety to no longer possible transfer a house to someone if they don't have the slots, ability to see available and used slots for a player.
ADD Staff tool to fix buggy tiles in houses.
FIX Exploit in Exex.

March 1st

(to be added, including other missing entries).

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