Personal spawner - special
- 1,000,000 gold pieces.
Each special spawner has only one animal. The animal is invunrable/immortal and non-tamable.
Special spawn: all regular spawn, including: ferret, squirrel, gaman, love birds, heartwood echee, flamingo, wraith, skeleton, mummy, headless, mongbat, imp, baby bellhop, spider, dread spider, gorilla.


House placement

With the introduction of the House Positioning system, which shows which tiles are invalid, and also makes it possible to move, resize and merge houses, staff house placement services are no longer available. (June 24th, 2019)


Placement of house and other objects around it

A staff member helping you place a house on terrain, which can include small rocks, dirt patches and similar obstacles, that would othervise make a regular player unable to place a house there. Overall, the fee applies anytime a staff member has to use the house placement tool.
- 100,000 tokens for players up to 30 days of account age.
- 500,000 tokens for players who's account is 30 days old or older.

Joining two houses together
- 50 ED
Any house can be merged with any other house (for example, an 18x18 with an 18x18, a tower or castle with an 18x18, or a castle with a two-story villa). A house cannot be merged with a townhouse. When merging two houses, house moving fee does not apply (whether bringing another house from nearby, or from far away). The reduced house placement fee (100,000 tokens) applies if the second house doesn't yet exist, and the staff have to place a new house.

A staffmember helping you move your house
- 100,000 tokens for a smaller distance (within the screen).
- 200,000 tokens for a larger distance.
This service exists because it's simpler to a GM to move the house and it's contents, rather than you having to spend a whole afternoon of effort with 5 packies.

House placement rules:

These are the rules that we follow when manually placing a house. There are some differences between these rules and the regular house placement rules that the house placement tool uses.

1. No object can stick out from the foundation (this does not apply if just a few pixels are visible, for example with crystals in Malas, or the tips of pampas grass).
2. If an object sticks out from the stairs at the front of the house, placement is possible but the owner cannot have stairs on those tiles - as long as at least 50% of the front-stairs tiles are still valid and are together in one piece.
3. There must be at least a 1-tile-wide walkable space between the house and an impassable terrain (such as water or mountain).
4. It is possible to place a house adjacent to a tree, so that there is no 1-tile-wide walkable space between the house and the tree, but there can be at maximum 3 trees around such house.
5. The house can only be placed in a region where it's otherwise regularly possible to place a house.
6. The house cannot be too close to other houses, even if they are owned by the same player. There has to be a 2-tile walkable gap on east/north/west sides, and a 5-tile walkable gap on the south, between any two houses.
7. Hills of about 6x6 size with max 5 elevation are considered small obstacles, houses can be placed on them as long as the hill is completely covered by one house or multiple joined houses.

Similar rules apply to yard wand items: Although they can be placed next to impassable terrain, it must still be possible to walk by.



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