December 22nd

FIX Bug with Kronus not dropping anything.
FIX Champs dropping less gold than intended (increasingly less as more people participated).
FIX Issue with vendors getting booted out of a house if disconnected while customizing.
FIX The 2-year fading holiday tree button now actually gives this type of tree, not the lighted one.
CHANGE Pets become inactive after some time (usually 5 minutes) if the owner isn't around, not instantly.
ADD Message when trying to equip the invisibility shroud by doubleclicking to tell you that you already have a robe on. (was reported as a bug, that doubleclicking it doesn't do anything).
FIX VendorFinder graphical glitch.
UPGRADE Chat system saving, to avoid an error with loading which may someday be very problematic.
UPGRADE Core diagnostics for finding the map/ground glitch.

December 15th

ADD PowerscrollBag can be per use or unlimited uses as before.
ADD Kronus has a chance to drop a 1-use powerscroll bag.
ADD Champion spawns - bonus for account age (younger players), bonus for non-pet damage, technical improvements.
ADD VendorFinder - a stone that can locate a vendor in public vendor places.
ADD Invisibility shroud equip/unequip by doubleclick, ability to put ethereal powder on it for less mana use.
ADD Holiday tree with fading lights (for 2 year veterans).
FIX Polymorph into lizard issue, it morphed into one of the new patch mobiles.
FIX Yard distances for town houses.
FIX Misc code cleanup and improvements.
CHANGE Pets will no longer attack or be attacked if the owner is more than 100 tiles away.

December 6th

ADD Demon knight (dark father) again has loot, including the human skull.
ADD Personal spawner possibility to set custom properties (for auctioned spawns).
ADD Ability for ranged weapons to have smaller ammo consumption.
ADD Staff tool improvements.
FIX Certain messages (mostly quest info) did not get displayed since the Journal API addition.
FIX Vendor listing didn't include items in sub containers.
FIX Cait sith will no longer spawn ferries if attacking or near a trainer or personal trainer.
IMPROVE Summoning quest (bone daemon/golden skull) added more descriptive message if the daemon is already summoned for someone else and wouldn't give the skull.
IMPROVE Relayer deed handles torch/candle/lantern relayers, keeping it's "lit up" state, making the relayered item give off light.

December 1st

ADD Vendor listing finished (more info on forums).
ADD New functionality/commands for staff (to run events and build new areas) and bugfixes for existing stuff.
FIX Universal dyetub no longer allowed to dye an addon that isn't in a house that you're allowed to customize.
FIX Towers no longer obstruct movement under the balconies, if the tower is set to private.
FIX Runic saw name errors.
FIX Client crash issue in Bedlam.
FIX Weavers now give the same cooldown period for BODs as Tailors.
FIX Exex depositing bugs with Pickaxe and Sturdy shovel.
CHANGE [time command timezone text, as the shard is now set in a different timezone.
CHANGE Yard limits reduced for town houses (more info on forums).
CHANGE Champion spawns recoded (more info on forums).
UPGRADE CandyCane and SantaScene addons can now be turned with the interior decorator.
UPGRADE Rock jail: adding incorrect resource tells which resource is required, there was no way of knowing this if you missed the original message.

November 22nd

ADD Recoded Core's Static tile loading to include hues (for unfreezing a map that has patched statics).
ADD Finished LootFactors.
ADD RegularDropBox extra features (box for dropping various items inside, for events).
CHANGE Dryads no longer buy bandages.
ADD HttpServer for API access.
ADD A few http api functions (e.g. Journal).
FIX Possible exploit to buy stuff for free.
ADD Improvements to the vendor listing. Not possible to subscribe yet (player menus need to be updated).
ADD Organized code for sending messages to clients, messages are logged in a server-side journal.
CHANGE Guild leader choosing is recoded to prevent odd results in rare cases (more about this to be posted on Excelsior Daily).
ADD API Information in the [account gump.

October 27th

ADD More lag detection and tracing in core.
FIX Chat system uses raw player names (ignore temporary name by Incognito spell).
ADD Periodic warning when placing an item into a container, that is secured to 'Anyone'.
ADD More item tags, and configuration options for regions (used by staff for new areas or for events)
FIX Halloween costume fixes - compatibility issues with the new patch.
ADD Warning when demolishing a house that has personal spawners inside.
FIX Issues with secured containers if placed on the border between joined houses.
FIX Issues with Inbox.
CHANGE Tracking can again be used to track other players, but a periodic warning is shown when a player hides - that they may be detected.
ADD New beverages (champagne, etc...)
FIX Leather tub now also works on misc footwear.
FIX Gem pouch ML - it was possible for it to take up items (item count), but it shouldn't.
FIX Sound issue with Rend that crashed some players.
FIX Relayer deed duplicated the material name (e.g. Bamboo Bamboo Bow)
FIX Graphical glitch with Thorvald's Medallion.
ADD Account gump shows storage limits of the current character: bank item limit, backpack item and weight limit.
FIX Safebet ignores jailed players.

October 12th

ADD Nyx's addons, compatible with the 2013 patch.
FIX if a house is moved, the parrots inside do too.
FIX Bug where anti-afk system disabled a player's fishing until server was restarted.
FIX No longer possible to track hidden players around.
FIX Spelling and text color in misc places.
FIX Bug with hitching post having negative (and therefor infinite) uses.
FIX Issues when moving personal spawners.
ADD FactionBook.
CHANGE Ethereal polar bear veteran reward now takes 0 slots.
ADD Core debugging tools.
ADD New costumes on the costume stone.
FIX Invisibility shroud gets unequipped when entering a region where hiding is not allowed.
FIX A few bugs in auction tool.

September 12th

FIX Jail collection cart exploit. Also no longer possible to delete a character if it is jailed.
FIX Ethereal cusidhe no longer looks like a tree. Ethereal polar bear was set at 3 year veteran reward, fixed to be 2 year.
FIX Improvements to addons code, fixed occasional bugs with it.
ADD Ankhs have the option to resurrect for a price, have a cool-down when the ankh can be used again, and can be set to restore hits on resurrection. Rewrote the resurrection gump.
ADD Misc code additions to make scripting and world building easier.
CHANGE Skill essences drops reduced, as they are practically free right now. 

September 4th

ADD Ethereal Cu Sidhe as a 10 month veteran reward, Ethereal polar bear as a 2 year veteran reward.
ADD doom chests for rare stealables.
ADD Item for player-organized events, to be as a participation reward (displays name of player who ran it, and the date).
FIX Personal spawners lost the attached creatures if moved to a different facet.
FIX Hitching posts no longer reset their charges when chopped and placed again. Hitching posts now require 16 wax to make.
FIX Core optimizations.
FIX Patch compatibility: Ethereal mounts, Ninjitsu AnimalForm Wolf.

August 17th

FIX exex backpacks no longer able to be sold to vendors.
ADD Hive hibernation kindling is now on beekeeper vendors. Innkeepers no longer buy wax at the old price. Wax amount increased in crafting leash and enchanted leash.
ADD Tome (big book) that looks like a BOD book and has 60 pages, sold by scribes.
ADD House-to-house gate with a password. Will be sold on the stone next to the regular house-to-house gate.
ADD Deed for additional page in a book (60 pages max for regular books, 100 pages max for tomes). Adds 0.1 weight with every additional page.
FIX Addon placement by staff that didn't register to the house correctly.
FIX Shrinking a pet requires available space (item count and weight) in backpack.
FIX Summoning altar (ML) requires player to be within 4 tiles.
ADD Final code for TotalInsurance.
FIX Rock jail exploit.


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