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January 4th

FIX Aquarium reward bug
FIX Issue with setting date values to objects with staff commands
FIX Brush couldn't be added with staff command.
FIX Bug with chopping down sculptures (e.g. ice witch, oogie boogie, grinder).

January 11th

FIX Bracelet of Sha'am can now be insured or blessed.
FIX Issue with crafting items with special materials, products not getting the material's color, and issue with using the machine repair kit (these got broken with the last update)
FIX Spelling of "Petrified" on spell caster's key.
FIX Minor issue with watering crops by targeting the land tile that they grow in.

January 17th

CHANGE Feeding bucket will only feed pets that are ordered to Stay. Players have left pets wandering in a small room with the bucket inside, but the pet walked too far away from the bucket and stopped feeding.
CHANGE Hireables can no longer be bonded.
CHANGE Unitub will no longer dye housegates to the natural hue (applies only to gates that link with the housegate area).
FIX Grave digger's shovel no longer works on house addons that contain grave tiles.
FIX Captain blackheart's fishing pole - name didn't show properly.
FIX Unitub exploit that made it possible to use a reserved hue.
FIX Wax refiner machine repair - another issue that caused it to be non-repairable.
FIX New craft system didn't trigger wearing-out on the bonus crafting gear that has tenacity (uses).
FIX Fishing bait could not be attached to fishing poles.
FIX Removed several remaining Corn Crops that had an infinite supply. Corrected a glitched message that is shown when harvesting crops.

January 31st

ADD Tailor BOD revamp. Forum Discussion thread
CHANGE Bag of resouces can now hold Grade-A-Logs
FIX PowerscrollBag now consumes just one blue diamond per use, not the whole stack.
FIX Internal errors in Alcohol and Potion buffs.
FIX IronwoodCrown changed to a helm piece (it was incorrectly defined & shown as a chest piece)
FIX Fishing bait was not possible to be removed from a fishing rod in certain situations.
FIX Unitub didn't allow dying of housegates to any hue (not just hue 0). Added the same restriction to regular tubs.

February 1st

We've fixed a few issues reported in the first day of using the updated Tailor BOD system.
FIX Salvage bag issue
FIX Sealant of durability bug
FIX Powder of temperament issue
FIX Scissoring bones bug
FIX Crafting coins stacking issue
FIX Craftarium Menu minor bug (menu didn't open in a specific situation)

February 26th

UNDO PowerScrollBook upgrade that was accidentially added from development.
FIX Weapons now display their Reduced Ammo Bonus
FIX Metal chests can be dyed with the metal dyetub
FIX Account bound items were possible to be put on player vendors in certain conditions.
FIX Exploit that made it possible for a player to delete certain items.
FIX Item appearance change deed can now work on items that are equipped (to allow for changing to a lit torch/lantern/candle)
FIX Grammar in Luck deed & Bless deed
FIX BOD vendors no longer say "you can get a BOD now" while you are on a temporal bod requester cooldown.
ADD Master BOD Requester added refresh button
CHANGE Gargoyle's and Master's knife now give scales & meat upon carving a corpse.

March 14th

FIX An old bug in the core that occasionally resulted in odd events, usually in combination with the XmlSpawner system.
UPGRADE Parrot deed now also remembers parrot's name & hue.
FIX Issue with personal spawner animals getting booted out of the house.
FIX Stocked Bar south (St. Patrick's quest) fixed overlapping items.

March 28th

UPGRADE Resource Keys and Tool House - menu allows taking out a specified amount, code reworked & simplified
UPGRADE World teleporter - easier-to-notice teleporters on the ground, better menu and handling, improved teleport animation effect
CHANGE New players now get 150 free skill points instead of 5 free skills to learn.
ADD Ability to add to commodity deeds: ointments, organics, druid reagents, food
UPGRADE Cleric spells now available as a spellbook. Cleric spells with a duration now show a buff in the [buffs bar. The cleric spellbook and spell scrolls can be purchased at any Healer - this is a temporary solution, they will likely drop from some mob or be available through a quest.
UGPRADE Druid spellbook improved handling.
UPGRADE Stabled pets menu completely reworked to be much more user friendly.
ADD Balron killer achievement
ADD Uncontrollable pets now also give you a message that you cannot control them (before they just made a barely-noticable animation and sound)
UPGRADE Hairstylist gump completely reworked to be user friendly, allows the change of your followers' hair and beard.
UPGRADE Excelsior Guards can now tell you which NPCs are in this town and point you in their direction, making NPCs much easier to find.
FIX The Collector quest that requires Rainbow pearl.
UPGRADE Powerscroll book menu.
FIX Logs can now also be cut into boards by doubleclicking an axe and targeting the logs.
UPGRADE After resurrecting, items that you had equipped (and was insured or blessed, is in your backpack at the time of resurrect) is automatically equipped to your character.
UPGRADE GOC quest collector - when trying to fill a new collector, it also shows the exact duration you have to wait until you can do it again.
UPGRADE Chat system information messages: when a chatbanned player tries to use the chat system, they get the message notifying them until when the chat ban is in effect. Attempting to PM a player that has turned off chat, is ignoring you, or is chatbanned, will no longer appear as if that player doesn't exist, but will give you a message that "the player is banned from chat, is ignoring you, or has turned off the chat system"
UPGRADE Runes marked within houses can now be used to recall to that exact spot in the house. This only works for runes that are marked after this upgrade became active on the server, and for houses that have this enabled in the Security menu.
CHANGE Exex now only accepts items that can actually be traded, as stackable/quantifiable balance. It still allows an additional 25 items, the items are available in the "My Items" folder - this is where all non-stackable/non-quantifiable items go, as well as stackable items that aren't tradeable over exex. It's intended for trading, not all-round unlimited storage

April 6th

FIX Recalling to a spot that is currently occupied with a world teleporter will still work.
FIX Sand is now stackable.
FIX Error with dyetubs.
FIX Misc fixes regarding the March 28th upgrades. Runes
CHANGE Bag of resources now accepts sand and granite.

April 18th

UPGRADE Spells now look for all spellcasterkeys in your backpack when trying to find reagents, to find one that has the necesary reagents in it.
FIX Bag of resources - fixed issues if the players bags are overweight
FIX Bangle of Evanescence fixed possibility of an exploit
UPGRADE Recall runes now have a single click option to Clear/reset them
FIX World teleporters fixed exploit where you could use it to get out of jail (the new code)
FIX Recipes that require milk didn't work
FIX Poison achievements fixed, also poison now has an owner like it should
FIX Issue with the hairstylist hair/beard color change.
FIX Achievement "Death over time" changed description from "Kill X creatures with poison" to "Kill X creatures by poisoning them" - this achievement is for actual poisonining, not having a poison-based attack.
UPGRADE Safe trash chests (in public places) and trash barrels in houses now have safety against accidental trashing of valuable items (blessed, levelable, etc)
UPGRADE Raffle stones have an extra confirmation before purchasing tickets, informing the buyer of how many tickets and the total cost, to prevent accidential purchases of "one zero too many".
FIX Minor internal bugs that didn't affect gameplay.

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