Item name change
- Now on the vendor stone in the ED room. No need to send a help request anymore.

Birthday cake or pie
- Now available on the gold stone at Trinsic bank. No need to send a help request anymore.

Special rule for removing bound blessing
If you want to remove a "Blessed for [PlayerName]" tag on an item, you can send the help request and the blessing will be removed, for free. But keep in mind that the item will no longer be blessed.

Special rule for removing item rename
If you want to remove a custom name from an item (such items also have a "Renamed Item" tag on them), you can send the help request and the item will be returned to its original name for free.

Restoring item's name for items without [Renamed Item] tag on them
Items renamed manually by staff before April 2017
1,000,000 tokens

Decorative banner
The banners are no longer available.

- 2,000,000 gold pieces
- buy 5 identical banners (same ID, same text), get 6th banner free.
- Useful for guilds or simply as house decoration.
- The banner can have an inscription of your chosing (within reason and language rules).
- Name and additional line of text can be customized. Only these two lines can be modified, additional lines are not allowed.
- Available ItemIDs: 5550 - 5621. Click here to show a screenshot of all available banners.

Event participation rewards
- Now available on the "Stone for player-organized event rewards" at the trinsic bank.

Weapon type change to a special weapon appearance
- This functionality has been coded into the Weapon Type Change Deed.



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