The codex (shard rules)

General motto: Have fun and let others have fun. Use common sense and respect other members of the community.
If you are into playing and having fun you don't need to know much more than the above motto and the below basic sets of rules. But feel free to browse the entire set of rules that govern this shard.

Click here for information on penalties defined for breaking certain rules.

1. Accounting:
a. One account per person, multiple allowed per IP (for multiple people in a household).
b. Having more than one account per person is forbidden.
c. Passing items from one of your characters to another is allowed.
d. Use of another person's account is forbidden.

2. Language: 
a. Keep chat clean - no cussing, arguing, harrasing, adult material/situations, etc.
b. No racial/religious/national/ethnical slurs are tolerated. We do not allow promotion of drug abuse.
c. Guild chat and private messages are not monitored - rules there are not being enforced on a regular basis - however, statements can be taken as harrasment and reported to staff.
d. No advertisements or soliciting of real world entities allowed. Mentioning of a website, product, other shard, etc., is permitted to some extent, but should a staffmember deem your words to be an advertisement, you may be jailed, banned from chat, or even banned from the shard.
e. The staff reserves the right to deny use of any name in the game. If a player refuses to have their name changed, we will pick a random one. Should you have a complaint about another player's name, contact the staff. A player's name cannot be un-aesthetic, such as "xXxXPlayerNameXxXx" or "ALLCAPS". For disputes, follow rule 3.c and 3.d.
f. We don't like spam - announcements in public chat must be sufficiently spaced apart and only posted if you are at the keyboard, see details for more info. Do not send unsolicited private messages to other players.
g. Please keep the public chat in english language only.
h. Basic knowledge of english is required to play on this shard.

3. Staff: Our ranks are (lowest to highest): Counselor, Game Master, Seer, Administrator.
a. Respect other players and staffmembers at all times.
b. What staff members say is to be taken seriously and without question.
c. If you cannot resolve a problem with one staff member, you may request to speak with a higher rank staff.
d. Should you not reach a resolution with any staff member, contact the Coordinating Administrator. The decision from them is final.

4. Programs, macroing, exploiting:
a. Any kind of client or program is allowed to connect to this server, as long as it does not harm the integrity or performance of the server in any way.
b. Macroing allowed, even while you are away from keyboard, except for activities listed in rule 4.c. below.
c. You have to actively monitor the game while running a macro that results in any gain of wealth or resources. Skill gain is excluded from this rule if using a particular skill doesn't give any resources. Details »
d. Exploiting the game in any way is prohibited and will be punished by a long term or permanent ban. 

5. PvP:
a. No Player Killing. PvP/Dueling is allowed only in the PvP dungeon or in a private house owned by one of the participants, but only if all of the participants are explicitly informed of the attacker's intentions.
b. PvP is by some players seen as offensive, and frightening - do your fighting in a private place - or you can be warned/killed/jailed.
c. No indirect player killing, such as intentionally causing a monster to go near a player that was not informed of your actions.
d. We take all non-agreed player-harmful actions very seriously, the penalties for which can be jail or ban.

6. Behavior, attitude towards other players:
a. If there is more than one player at a spawn, the players must take turns. Once a player kills/tames a monster or takes/steals an item, he or she must go in the back of the line and wait for others to get their turn.
b. Champion spawn participation and reward distribution is now enforced by the server automatically.
c. No drama. Accept the things you cannot change. If you are in an unresolvable conflict, be the smart one and walk away. Keep the private problems out of public chats, send a private message instead.
d. If you are in a situation with another player that won't go away by itself, don't go make it worse for yourself by doing something against the rules. Let the staff know, we have experience with this.

7. Legal:
a. The rules can change without prior notice. It is the player's duty to stay updated, however we will do our best to let the public know of any major changes made to the rules.
b. All the objects and entities in the game are the property of UO Excelsior Shard.
c. We do not take responsibility for loosing data or for the server being offline, however we will do our best to keep the shard stable and running.
d. We do not replace lost objects in the game. In some circumstances, we may do that if it's due to a technical malfunction. We recommend you to insure your valuable items and bond your pets.
e. Selling or buying in-game objects for real money is not allowed and may result in inability to trade anything in the game, temporarily or permanently. The objects that were traded in this manner, or that were advertised/planned to be traded, may be permanently impounded. If a large portion of one account's items are transferred to another, it's an indication that the account was sold as a whole, see rule 1.a.

© Excelsior - an Ultima Online freeshard. And the individuals who contributed to it. See [Credits Page]