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While much of this information is already covered elsewhere in the Wiki, this should help answer most of the daily commonly asked questions.


Communication & Player Interaction

How do I talk in public chat?

Simply type [c YourTextHere and hit enter.

How can I send someone a message/PM or see my messages/PM's?

You can send a message one of two ways, either type [c and press the blue gem next to the person's name that you want to send a message to, then click Message, or type [pm Name. To view PM's you have not yet read you can either type [pm or again [c and at the bottom click on Messages.

How do I add someone to party?

You can either type in /add and select the person, or double click the 2nd scroll in your paperdoll and go from there.

How can I start up my own guild?

You must purchase a Guild Deed from a provisioner and place the guildstone in your house.

How do I use guild chat?

Type [g YourTextHere and hit enter.

How do I contact staff if I have a problem?

On your paperdoll press the help button, pick a topic and enter your message with as much detail as possible.

Skills & Stats

What is the stat cap?

300 (125 each stat), up to 350 with scrolls from the Harrower.

See also: training room section on stats.

Why are my stats taking so long to raise?

You will only gain 1 point in a stat every 15 minutes while training a skill that the stat pertains to. See here to figure out which skills you should work on to raise each stat.

What is the skill cap?

There is no skill cap. You can raise all skills to 100, up to 120 with a powerscroll and fighting skills up to 130 with essences.

How do I get Powerscrolls?

Powerscrolls are obtained by defeating champions at Champion spawns, various monsters, or Bulk order deeds.

What are essences and where do I find them?

Fighting skill essences are used to raise your skill past your cap (100 essences = +10.0 points). For example, you ate a 120 Fencing powerscroll & trained it up to 120. Now you can drink 100 essences of fencing and your skill will raise to 130 (which is max). You can find them as loot on Balrons. You can use essence at any level, it does not raise your cap. You can use as many essences as you want. If you have a 115 cap, and used 100 essence to raise your skill to 125, when you eat a 120 powerscroll, you'll have to use 50 more essence to raise your skill to 130. Each essence gives +.1 to that skill.

How do I get rid of my young status?

It's recommended to keep your young status for as long as possible, but if you decide that you want to permanently get rid of it simply say "I renounce my young player status".

How do I see how many Tithing Points I have and how do I add more?

To add tithe just go to any ankh, click once on it and select 'Tithe Gold'. Note you must have gold in your backpack. To see how much you have tithed, just open up your chivalry book and it will tell you right there.

Why is my Resisting Spells not gaining?

First, in your skills list (accessed via your paperdoll) make sure that the little arrow next to said skill is pointed upwards. Secondly, try casting the magery spell Protection to deactivate it as that will lower your resisting spells skill by around 40 and could be why you aren't seeing any gains. Third, remember to get training from an NPC to begin raising resist since it takes a little resist to begin training. Last, Resist Spells will gain only by having debuff spells cast on you(clumsy, curse, weaken, feeblemind).

Am I allowed to train skills while I'm AFK?

Yes, training skills while AFK is perfectly acceptable.

Am I allowed to AFK level weapons or gather resources?

Being AFK to gather resources (such as wood, beeswax, honey, ore, fish), level a weapon, or killing any kind of spawn is not allowed.
Note that the rules also include anything that is used to gain wealth.
This would include, but is not limited to:
Gathering wool/flax/cotton for use in making bandages to sell.
Gathering/buying arrows/bolts/reagents from NPCs to sell for a slightly higher price.
Crafting/making items to sell on the open market, such as repair scrolls, kegs, weapons, ingots and so forth.

Where can I buy up my magery/mining/etc. skills?

You can find a list of which NPC's train what skills here.

What is the FC/FCR cap?

4/6, if you have Protection enabled that minuses 2 FC.

Where can I buy a full spellbook/necro book?

Many people sell both on their vendors in Town Center and Makoto Zento. You can also try asking in public chat if anyone has any for sale.

How do I see how old my character is?

Either double click the first scroll in your paperdoll, or type in [account.

How do I find out how much Fame/Karma I have?

Say "I must consider my sins".

What does it mean to lock your karma?

When you lock your karma (at an ankh), you are setting it so that it will not raise any higher. You will still lose karma, you just won't gain it back until you unlock it.

How can I get a title?

Even though your karma level may support a title, it will not show up until you have at least a sir or dame title preceding your name.

Pets & Animal Taming

What are pet leashes and hitching posts?

They are both used to shrink your pets. You will need to have at least 75 in animal taming in order to use them, if your taming is lower than 75 then you can use shrink potions.

Where can I tame Mules?

Mules are the mounts that (Master Of Arts) MOA's ride, so once you defeat the MOA you can begin taming the mule.

Where can I tame Nobles?

Nobles are found in random Trammel Dungeons.

Why won't my pet listen to me?

Animal lore is just as important to raise as animal taming (and much easier to raise). If, for example, you have a pet that requires 50 in animal taming you will also need to have at least 50 in animal lore in order to get the pet to actually follow your commands. Also remember to feed your pets if their Loyalty Rating is anything but Wonderfully Happy (which you can see when you lore them).

Currency & Vendors

How do I set up a vendor in Town Center or Makoto Zento?

Double click an empty stool, if your account is old enough you'll be able to place a vendor. You will be charged a one time fee to set up the vendor. After that you will be charged a weekly fee to keep your vendor there, along with the daily fee the vendor charges based on the items/prices you are selling. The weekly fee will automatically be deducted from your bank. To pay the vendor's fee you must drop gold on the vendor.

What are ED?

ED is short for Excelsior Dollars, a form of currency gotten from donations to the shards. There are purchasable in game with gold from exex or through direct transaction with other players. Note: If you purchase a donation reward, be aware that there are no refunds. Be cautious and educate yourself before buying. Staff will not refund, replace, or switch any "accidental" purchases.

What do I do with Elven Notes?

Elven Notes are the currency in Heartwood, double click on the big mushrooms by the different NPCs to see what you can purchase.
Elven Notes are also used on a special stone located through a special portal map, which drops off a peerless boss in the Labyrinth.

Random Variations Unique to Excelsior

Where are the quests in Heartwood/how do I obtain recipes?

The Heartwood quests are not implemented here, recipes are dropped as loot off of peerless monsters.

Is there PK or PVP in Felucca or anywhere else?

No, the only places it's allowed is in the designated PVP Dungeon or with consenting guildmates in the privacy of your homes.


Where can I get beehives?

Beehives (along with hive tools, wax pots, etc) can be purchased from Beekeepers. Beekeepers are located in Britain, Skara Brae, and Vesper.

What's so special about beehives?

When fully colonized, beehives produce wax and honey, which you can extract from the hives and then in turn sell to the beekeepers (or keep to use in special recipes that call for them).

Where do I get flower seeds?

Flower seeds can be found on Boglings and Bog Things in swamp areas. Certain creatures in Tokuno carry seeds as well, these are bonsai seeds which, when grown, cannot be pollinated nor do they produce seeds.

How do I plant a flower seed?

Buy a bowl from a provisioner, double click the bowl and target a patch of dirt on the ground. Using a water pitcher, water the bowl (two times) until it says "Bowl of soft dirt". Secure the bowl somewhere in your house, then double click one of your seeds and select the bowl to plant it in.

Why can't I pick this crop I found?

Because it's someone else's crop. The only crops you can pick are your own, after you've bought the seeds from a farmer and planted them in a field. Cooking determines how well the seeds you've planted will grow. If you have low cooking or no cooking, you'll find some weeds mixed in with plants growing.

How do I dig up treasure from a treasure map?

When you are in the area shown on your map you need to double click the shovel and select the map. Then it will start digging up your treasure.

Why isn't this quest giver giving me the quest to do?

Either one of two reasons. You may have just done the quest, in which case you need to wait a while before you can do the quest again. Or you are in the middle of another quest which you will either need to finish or just click once on yourself and select cancel Quest.