NPC Skill Trainers

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Who To See To Buy Up Your Skills
Skill NPC Trainer
Alchemy Alchemist, Herbalist
Anatomy Healer
Animal Lore Animal Trainer
Animal Taming Animal Trainer
Archery Bowyer
Arms Lore Armourer, Blacksmith
Begging Beggar, Gypsy
Blacksmithy Armourer, Blacksmith
Bowcraft/Fletching Bowyer
Bushido Samurai
Camping Fur Trader, Gypsy
Carpentry Carpenter
Cartography Mapmaker
Chivalry Keepers of Chivalry
Cooking Baker, Cook
Detecting Hidden Thief
Discordance Bard
Evaluating Intelligence Holy Mage, Necromancer, Scribe
Fencing Keepers of Chivalry
Fishing Fisher
Focus Keepers of Chivalry
Forensic Evaluation Healer
Healing Healer
Herding Ranger
Hiding Thief
Inscription Holy Mage, Mage, Necromancer
Item Identification Jeweler
Lockpicking Thief
Lumberjacking Carpenter
Mace Fighting Keepers of Chivalry
Magery Holy Mage, Mage
Meditation Holy Mage, Necromancer
Mining Miner
Musicianship Bard
Necromancy Necromancer
Ninjitsu Ninja
Parrying Iron Worker
Peacemaking Bard
Poisoning Thief
Provocation Bard
Remove Trap Thief
Resisting Spells Holy Mage, Necromancer
Snooping Thief
Spellweaving Not implemented here
Spirit Speak Healer
Stealing Thief
Stealth Thief
Swordsmanship Keepers of Chivalry
Tactics Iron Worker
Tailoring Tailor, Weaver
Taste Identification Alchemist, Cook
Tinkering Tinker
Tracking Ranger
Veterinary Animal Trainer
Wrestling All Grandmaster Wrestler NPC's