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General Information

Powerscrolls are used to increase the caps of players' skills. They come in four different intensities: 105, 110, 115, 120. These do not stack.

If you have used a 105 Animal Lore Powerscroll, your cap will be 105. If you later use a 110 Animal Lore Powerscroll, your cap will be 110.

These scrolls only increase the cap to which you can train; They do not increase the skill you have already.

The Intensity of a powerscroll can be upgraded with a Powerscroll Bag.

How to Get

There are a few different ways to get Powerscrolls:

Champion Spawns

Champion Spawns that drop Powerscrolls will never give an intensity lower than 110. The intensity given is completely random; It is not based off any factors.

  • A player will have a chance of getting crafting related Powerscrolls from Master/Mistress of Arts, or MOA, Champions
  • A player will have a chance of getting non-crafting related Powerscrolls from every other Champion Spawn that drops PS.

Powerscroll drops are awarded based on a combination of time spent at spawn, damage to spawn, damage to champion, and if the player damaged the champion at all. These are individually weighted and normalized into an overall score to determine the player's gold and powerscroll reward. To receieve a powerscroll the player must also be within 60 tiles when the champion dies, and have been active (dealing some damage) within the last 5 minutes.

For more detailed information regarding champion loot, see Champion spawns

Bulk Order Deeds

105 intensity scrolls are received from Small Taming Bods, which are not currently listed.


Spawns in Fel, and can drop 110 to 120 Powerscrolls.