Powerscroll Bag

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The Powerscroll Bag gives a player the opportunity to upgrade their lower level, and possibly unwanted, Powerscrolls. They are sold at auctions, put up for raffle in Trinsic, and sometimes a player or two might be selling one.

The Kronus champion also has a chance to drop a 1-use powerscroll bag.


The bag can work in two ways:

Scroll Upgrade

When all scrolls you put in the bag are of the same skill (i.e: Blacksmithy) and of the same power (i.e: 115), you will get an upgraded version of that same skill (i.e: Blacksmithy 120).

Random Upgraded Scroll

When not every scroll you put in are of the same skill, but they are in the same skill group, you will get a random upgraded scroll from that skill group. For example, you put two Blacksmithy, one Tailoring and two Tinkering scrolls into the bag, all with power 115, you will get a random Crafting scroll with power 120.


All Upgrades require 1 Blue Diamond in order to charge the bag for transformation.

The bag determines the appropriate skill group from the first scroll you put into it. If you start with a Tailoring scroll, the bag will inform you that it now only accepts Crafting scrolls, and it also tells you how many more scrolls you have to add. Once the bag has announced you the Skill Group, it will no longer accept scrolls from another Skill Group. All scrolls must also be of the same power as the first scroll, scrolls with a different power are rejected. To reset the bag, simply remove all scrolls from it.

Transformation Ratios

Input Power # Of Powerscrolls Required Output Power
105 7 110
110 7 115
115 5 120

Skill Groups


  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithy
  • Bowcraft/Fletching
  • Cartography
  • Cooking
  • Carpentry
  • Fishing
  • Inscription
  • Lockpicking
  • Mining
  • Tailoring
  • Tinkering


  • Anatomy
  • Animal Lore
  • Animal Taming
  • Archery
  • Arms Lore
  • Bushido
  • Chivalry
  • Discordance
  • Evaluate Intelligence
  • Fencing
  • Focus
  • Healing
  • Hiding
  • Lumberjacking
  • Mace Fighting
  • Magery
  • Magical Resist
  • Meditation
  • Musicianship
  • Necromancy
  • Ninjitsu
  • Parry
  • Peacemaking
  • Poisoning
  • Provocation
  • Remove Trap
  • Spirit Speak
  • Stealing
  • Stealth
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tactics
  • Veterinary
  • Wrestling