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How They Work

When a champ is active 2 or 3 different types of monsters will be spawned within the area around the altar. As you kill the spawn white candles will appear in the center of the altar. Each white candle represents a 20% advancement to the next red candle (one white is 20%, 2 white is 40% and so forth). When you reach 100% a red candle will appear on the edge of the altar. If you don't kill enough of the spawn quickly enough all white candle advancement will be reset to 0. If you don't advance at least 20% at a single level, then 1 red candle will disappear and the spawn will begin moving backwards.

  Red Candles
Level 1 1 to 5/6
Level 2 5/6 to 9/10
Level 3 9/10 to 13/14
Level 4 13/14 to 16

When you have 16 red candles you'll need to advance another 100% and then the champion is summoned. Once you have killed the champ the altar will deactivate and nothing else will spawn. A gold explosion will take place dumping gold on the ground in the area where the champ was killed. If you did any damage to the champ you will receive Powerscrolls (amount is dependent upon how many people defeated the champ) in your backpack.

The champions respawn around every 6-10 hours, some every few days.


If you arrive at a champion spawn when it's at level 15 or 16, you will not be allowed to participate. But if you arrive to a champion where there has been no activity for 15 minutes, you are allowed to join in (and basically becoming the only member, as others then cannot join).

Powerscroll and Gold Rewards

When the champion dies, you have to be within 60 tiles, and you had to have been active (dealing some damage) within the last 5 minutes.

When you kill spawn at a champion, you are given "activity points". These points are of different nature:
- whether you have done any damage in a short slice of time - basically how much time overall have you been active at the spawn,
- how much damage you dealt to the spawn,
- how much damage you dealt to the champion,
- whether you have damaged the champion at all.

Then all these four types of points are normalized... for example, if you did 5000hp damage, a friend did 3000 damage, and another player did 2000 damage, the "champion damage points" are 50%-30%-20%. Similar is done to how many points you collected with activity, damage to spawn, and whether you did any damage to the champion. In the case of "any damage to champion", if you did 6k hit points, your friend 4k, and the other guy nothing, these points would be 50%-50%-0%. There is also a bonus for account age (younger players), and for non-pet damage.

Then all of these points are added to an overall score, but have different weights (exact weighting unknown). Roughly speaking, 2/3 of the overall score depends on activity (mostly time, and some based on damage to spawn). the 1/3 is based on how much damage (and any damage at all) was given to the champion.

Getting in/out of Fel

Go download UOAM before you read another word. Get it from

Now that you have UOAM, head to Covetous and run to the NW peak, where there is a Y intersection in the mountain. Run up the path, head right, into the back of the cave. Say "Forget" and you will be ported to Fel, instead of taking the World TP. Remember this spot, it helps for champ spawns/getting to the Lost Lands.

NOTE: DO NOT RECALL OUT OF FELUCCA. You will be sapped of your mana and it won't regen for a few minutes. Use Chivalry, Sacred Journey, to recall to avoid this.

Champ Spawn Locations

Here are the 14 champs, in order of difficulty.

Four MoA's (Master of Arts): (New Player, Yew Crossroads, Cove Plains/Forget, Marble Isle; ALL Fel):

New Player Champ: Goto Fel, run straight west, you'll see a dude.

Yew Crossroads: Goto fel, run NW to the pass through the mountain, follow that West. When you hit the T in the road, with Skara to the South and Yew to the North, keep running West. You'll notice a clearing in the trees, a grass path of sorts. Follow that as it bends NW, you'll come to an altar.

Cove Plains/Forget: Use the Forget entrance, run West/NW. It's off the road, no more than 20 seconds from the Forget cave.

Marble Isle: T-shaped island, NW'ish of Trinsic. Enter Felucca thru the World TP. Run south til you hit a river and follow said river east, to the ocean. When you reach the mouth of the river, put your boat in and sail straight East. You'll skim between the islands, right up next to Marble.
Note: Don't leave your boat here please, it blocks people and then Staff has to remove it.

Barracoon(Despise, Fel): This isn't in Despise. It is directly to the North, in the tiny mountain pass right above it. Just follow the mountain, past Wind, pass the Shadow encampment at Chaos Shrine, hug it around and you'll find it.

Neira(Straight North of Doom, Malas): Goto Malas, Doom. Run North, you'll see a keep like structure.

Rikktor(Destard, Fel): Goto World TP, Felucca. Run SouthWest, make sure you hit the bottom of the Maze. Keep running SW til you see a mountain, hug it around to the left til you find Destard.

Mephitis (Tera Keep, Fel): See the Sparkle Guide/Lost Land entrances. Right at the entrance, if you go in via the front door.

Frost Giant (Ice Isle, Deceit, Fel): See the sparkle guide

Serado (NW of Valor Shrine, Tokuno): Goto Tokuno, Valor Shrine. Run straight NW til you see Deathwatch Beetles and you hit a clearing.

Semidar (Fire Dungeon, Fel): See the sparkle guide

Doc Apoc (Nu'jelm, Fel): Right by the bank/inn in Nu'jelm

Kronus (Grimswind Ruins, Malas): Westish of the Grimswind Ruins in Malas.

Blood Clan (Directly outside Cove, Fel):

Lord Oaks (Three Locations: one outside of Blood, one outside of Valor, and one near Humility): Spawns once a week at all three locations. Only one location will drop the Skull of Enlightenment, used to spawn the Harrower.

ATM Champs are on a 6 to 8 hour timer. Kronus is on a 24 hour, Doc Apoc is on a week timer, Blood Clan... I have no idea what the timer is, but it doesnt drop a pscroll. Just orgs.

Champ Spawn Tiers

Master of the Arts:
Felucca, Newbie Cave, Yew Crossroads, Cove Plains, and Marble Isle

Level 1 Baby Bellops and Carpenter Automatons
Level 2 Bellops and Tailor Automatons
Level 3 Strong Bellops and Blacksmith Automatons
Level 4 Burnts Ones and Fletcher Automatons
Champion Master of the Arts

Unholy Terror (Neira):
Malas, North of the entrance to Doom

Level 1 Ghouls, Shades, Spectres and Wraiths
Level 2 Bone Magi, Mummies and Skeletal Mages
Level 3 Bone Knights, Skeletal Knights and Liches
Level 4 Lich Lords and Rotting Corpses
Champion Neira the Necromancer

Sleeping Dragon (Serado the Awakened):
Tokuno, Northwest of Shrine of Isamu

Level 1 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen
Level 2 Deathwatch Beetles and Kappas
Level 3 Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions
Level 4 Hiryus and Onis
Champion Serado the Awakened

Abyss (Semidar):
Felucca, Fire

Level 1 Imps and Greater Mongbats
Level 2 Gargoyles and Harpies
Level 3 Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
Level 4 Daemons and Succubi
Champion Semidar

Forest Lord (Lord Oaks):
Ilshenar, Northeast of Spirituality shrine

Level 1 Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 Ki-Rins and Wisps
Level 3 Centaurs and Unicorns
Level 4 Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons
Champion Lord Oaks and Silvani

Cold Blood (Rikktor):
Felucca, Destard

Level 1 Lizardmen and Snakes
Level 2 Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors and Ophidian Enforcers
Level 3 Drakes, Ophidian Justicars and Ophidian Zealots
Level 4 Dragons, Ophidian Avengers and Ophidian Knight-Errants
Champion Rikktor

Vermin Horde (Barracoon):
Felucca, North of the entrance to Despise

Level 1 Giant Rats and Slimes
Level 2 Dire Wolves and Ratmen
Level 3 Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages
Level 4 Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents
Champion Barracoon the Piper

Archanid (Mephitis):
Felucca, Terathan Keep

Level 1 Scorpions and Giant Spiders
Level 2 Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
Level 3 Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs
Level 4 Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers
Champion Mephitis

Frost Giant:
Felucca, Dagger Isle (Ice Island)

Level 1 Frost Oozes, Ice Snakes, Polar Bears and Walruses
Level 2 Frost Trolls, Frost Spiders and Frozen Mummies
Level 3 Ice Elementals and Giant Ice Serpents
Level 4 White Wyrms and Arctic Ogre Lords
Champion Frost Giant