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General Stat Information

Each of the three stats will affect various attributes of your character:

Total Stats Cap

A New Player will have a total stat cap of 300 for all three stats combined.

A player can use a +Maximum Stat Scroll, ranging from +5 to +50. These +Max Stat Scrolls DO NOT STACK!

If a player uses a +5, raising their total stat cap to 305, and then uses a +10, the stat cap is only 310.

  • +Maximum Stat Scrolls are dropped by the Harrower, ranging from +5 to +50.
  • +50 Maximum Stat Scrolls can be bought for 500ED in Trinsic.
  • The highest your Total Stat Cap can be is 350.

Individual Stat Cap

Individual stats are capped at 125 for any particular stat. An individual stat may not go higher than 125 unless you buy a +5 individual stat scroll.

  • +5 Individual Stat Scrolls cost 50ED, and it only raise the cap of ONE stat of your choosing by +5.
  • +Individual Stat Scrolls DO stack!
  • The highest your Individual Stat Cap can be for any particular stat is 150

ED[Excelsior Dollars] are spent in Trinsic at the ED stone.

The total of your individual stats cannot exceed your Total Stats Cap!

A +25 Max Stat Scroll is a good place to start and possibly all you really need! This allows you to do 125 Dex/125 Str/75 Int, a nice well rounded combo that doesn't require you to spend ED. Then, if you boost your Dex Cap and later on, your Str Cap, you reduce your Int until 150/150/25. GoC gear, relayers and even jewelry give you a LOT of int/mana, so plan accordingly! Also note that 150 Str vs 125 Str is only a 12 HP difference for 250 ED. For twice that investment you could buy a relayer!

Raising Stats

If you decide to lower a stat (in order to raise another) be careful! Once you have raised your desired stat, lock your int (usually the stat being lowered), or it will continue to drop at stat gain checks, EVEN if your other stats cannot increase!

In other words, NEVER leave stats with the arrow pointing down without careful monitoring of your stat progress. --Viola 14:35, 11 March 2012 (CDT))

There are three ways to raise your stats:

Using Skills

Stats are slow to raise through training/using skills, gaining 1 point about every 15 minutes. Here is a guide on the primary and secondary skill for each stat.

You can only gain the primary or secondary stat while performing a skill. Locking one will help ensure the other raises only.

See also: the training room section on stats.

Using Essences

Purchased from other players or looted random monster loot in Felucca.

One essence = +1 point to that stat.

Will not boost past your current Individual Stat Cap OR Max Stat Cap.

Using Items

There are many items that can boost your stats. Any Item that boosts stats will not be affected by total stat cap or individual stat cap.

The easiest item to procure as a new player for a boost in any stat is crafted jewelry. Player crafted jewelry has a max intensity of +8 on stat boosts.

More Advanced Players will be interested in getting:

Stats to Skill

Skill Primary Stat Secondary Stat
Anatomy Intelligence Strength
Animal Lore Intelligence Strength
Animal Taming Strength Intelligence
Archery Dexterity Strength
Arms Lore Intelligence Strength
Begging Dexterity Intelligence
Blacksmithy Strength Dexterity
Bowcraft/Fletching Dexterity Strength
Bushido Strength Intelligence
Camping Dexterity Intelligence
Carpentry Strength Dexterity
Cartography Intelligence Dexterity
Chivalry Strength Intelligence
Cooking Intelligence Dexterity
Detect Hidden Intelligence Dexterity
Discordance Intelligence Dexterity
Evaluate Intelligence Intelligence Strength
Fencing Dexterity Strength
Fishing Dexterity Strength
Focus Dexterity Intelligence
Forensic Evaluation Intelligence Dexterity
Healing Intelligence Dexterity
Herding Intelligence Dexterity
Hiding Dexterity Intelligence
Inscription Intelligence Dexterity
Item Identification Intelligence Dexterity
Lockpicking Dexterity Intelligence
Lumberjacking Strength Dexterity
Mace Fighting Strength Dexterity
Magery Intelligence Strength
Meditation Intelligence Strength
Mining Strength Dexterity
Musicianship Dexterity Intelligence
Necromancy Intelligence Strength
Ninjitsu Dexterity Intelligence
Parrying Dexterity Strength
Peacemaking Intelligence Dexterity
Poisoning Intelligence Dexterity
Provocation Intelligence Dexterity
Remove Trap Dexterity Intelligence
Resisting Spells Strength Dexterity
Snooping Dexterity Intelligence
Spirit Speak Intelligence Strength
Stealing Dexterity Intelligence
Stealth Dexterity Intelligence
Swordsmanship Strength Dexterity
Tactics Strength Dexterity
Tailoring Dexterity Intelligence
Taste Identification Intelligence Strength
Tinkering Dexterity Intelligence
Tracking Intelligence Dexterity
Veterinary Intelligence Dexterity
Wrestling Strength Dexterity

--D23:27, 28 January 2015 (CST)