220 Dex Guide

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220 Dex: The Instant Heal Guide

With a proper set of gear and an some investments, you can heal instantly with bandages. At 220 it becomes instant. At 215 you heal every .25 seconds, which comes out to be about 190-200 HP healed per second. At 210 it is about 100 HP healed per second.

There are a few obstacles to getting 220 dex gear.

- Spending 250 ED to boost your base dex to 150/Getting at least a +25 stat scroll

- Acquiring the gear, whether by looting or buying it (which can be pricey)

- Dealing with low resists, stats and maybe HP from the dex gear. (You can either get good crafted arms/legs or GoC gear to help here)

Gear List

Jackal's Collar: +15

Bat Wings: +10

Gloves of the Pugilist: +8

Jewelry: +24 (Bracelet, Ring, Earrings). Varies, depending if you have dex/str stuff, which you want.

Weapon: +8, ( Weapon Level Deed)

Hunter's Headdress: +8, Pretty crappy hat imo, ugly too.

Ironwood Crown: +5 It's a carpentry item, but it's actually a chest piece here. +5 dex/str/int

Arms of Tactical Excellence: +5 Its a Tokuno Minor Arty.

Stitcher's Mittens: +5 Dex and 30% LRC. Decent alternative to Gloves of Pug. Crafted Leather, so they are medable too.

The Bold pieces total +65 Dex together and are the core pieces of the set. The Italic pieces are optional, depending on a few things:

  • What your base Dex cap is (should be 150)
  • If you want 215 or 220 Dex
  • If you care about resists/other stats

Things to Keep in Mind

- You will have some bad stats with this gear on. Resists will be low, you won't have many of the good bonuses from crafted gear (LMC, RPD, regens, +Hp/mana, etc) You will need good pants and arms to compensate for this. Gem Of Completion (GoC) gear will also help a lot here, the chest is the best piece in the game. FC/FCR are crucial to cap. If you intend on relayering anything, you might be able to work in the GoC Boots in place of the Bat Wings, which can also assist in capping FC/FCR, as well as boost resists/regens.

- GoC gear has a lot of mana and regens on it. A well planned Relayer does as well.

- While boosting the Dex cap is great, boosting the Str cap will only give you 12.5 HP. It is not worth 250 ED to boost the cap, as well as a higher +Stat scroll and dropping your Int possibly. A Relayer would be a wiser investment instead; once you have a few, then think about boosting the Str cap.