The Mage's Inquisition Quest (GoC)

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Edit: This page is being updated and combined with other pages. Please have patience as this process to re-write and update is not always fast.

The Mage's Inquisition Quest (GoC) is a great adventure with useful rewards. The rewards are so great that the quest itself must be completed with a lot of work, time, and in some instances, in groups.

This quest is split into 6 chapters, consisting of dungeons with creatures of various difficulties that yield key items needed for completion.

The Collection Awaits

This guide has been separated into sections for an easier understanding of each individual area. Each section contains:

  • Relevant monsters/the quest items they drop.
  • Notable monsters that are not relevant to the quest but worth keeping an eye out for (either dangerous or may contain good loot).
  • The "Boss" of the area and their respawn time/how to summon them.

Each section also includes the location of the area on the world map (at the top) and the old walkthrough (at the bottom). Clicking on a Monster will bring you to their information page, which includes Stats (HP/Resists/Abilities/etc.) and suggested Tactics to use to defeat them.

Blighted Grove

Blighted Grove, near the dungeon Shame in Felucca, is considered the easiest of all the dungeons in the quest. It is the best place to start.

Blighted Grove Location

Blighted Grove Quest
Monster Quest Item
Thrasher Thrasher's ScaleThrashersScale.png
Abscess Abscess ToothAbscesstooth.png
Drevo Remnants Of An Ancient EntRemnants Of An Ancient Ent.png
Tangle Tangle FluidTangle Fluid.png
Insane Dryad Insanity TaffyInsanity Taffy.png
Saliva Dream CatcherDream Catcher.png
Lady Melisande Lady Melisande's SpellbookLady Melisandes Spellbook.png

Boss: Lady Melisande

Blighted Grove Walkthrough (Old)


Sanctuary, located on the eastern side of the mountain that homes the dungeon Shame in Felucca, will be the second dungeon you will want to tackle in this adventure. The dungeon is filled with secret teleports to move around to different areas.

Sanctuary Location

Sanctuary Quest
Monster Quest Item
The Cyclopian Warrior Cyclopian AxeCyclopian Axe.png
Katchaki Spanish DoubloonSpanish Doubloon.png
Skrat the Imp Lord Magic StonesMagic Stones.png
Fire Ruby Dragon Smoldering LarynxSmoldering Larynx.png
Netopir Dead MouseDead Mouse.png

Boss: Netopir

  • Netopir does not need to be summoned and has a two hour respawn time. For more information, see the Peerless Page.

Sanctuary Walkthrough (Old)


Labyrinth, accessed via the Grimswind Ruins in Malas, is a long maze dungeon that contains hidden teleporters that move you to various areas in the dungeon... Even backwards.

Labyrinth Location

Labyrinth Quest
Monster Quest Item
Golden Liscar Gold Nugget Gold Nugget.png
Skorp Warrior Skorp Stinger Skorp Stinger.png
Egiptski Dragon Egiptski Relic Egiptski Relic.png
Pyre Pyre Feathers Pyre Feathers.png
Slaarion Horn of Defeat Horn of Defeat.png

Notable Monsters

Minotaurs - There are three type. Captains, Scouts, and Regular. While all three can easily kill someone unprepared, the Scouts are by and far the most dangerous and will routinely one/two shot someone with 400+ HP. Sometimes Minotaurs will not drop any gold.

Rends - Angry little buggers that don't forget aggro. They hit hard, they're harder to kill, and not worth it to boot. They won't attack you, so just don't hit them by accident.

Boss: Slaarion

  • Slaarion does not need to be summoned and has a fifteen minute respawn time. For more information, see the Peerless Page.

Labyrinth Walkthrough (Old)

Palace of Paroxysmus

The Palace of Paroxysmus, northeast of Terathan Keep in Felucca, is a long dungeon with a poison river running through it.

Palace of Paroxysmus Location

Palace of Paroxysmus Quest
Monster Quest Item
Toxic Experiment Radioactive Material Radioactive Material.png
Otrov the Widowmaker Deadly Fang Deadly Fang.png
Putrid Waste Smelly Goo Smelly Goo.png
Izdajalska Vile Venom Vile Venom.png
Chief Paroxysmus Acid Proof Rope Acidproof Rope.png

Boss: Chief Paroxysmus

Palace of Paroxysmus Walkthrough (Old)


Bedlam is a smaller dungeon accessed from Umbra, Malas, with areas holding the possibility of certain death.

Bedlam Location

Bedlam Quest
Monster Quest Item
Red Death Adam's Rib Adams Rib.png
Skeletor Skeleton Key Skeleton Key.png
Master Jonath Jonath's Mask Jonath's Mask.png
Lord Malachai Jade Amulet Jade Amulet.png
Monstrous Interred Grizzle Grizzled Bones Grizzled Bones.png

Bedlam Mini Quest Monsters
Monster Item Use
Ancient Mage Mikael Crypt Key Crypt Key.png Bedlam Crypt Entrance
Master Theophilus Book of Secrets Book of Secrets.png Bedlam Library Password

Notable Monsters

Flesh Eating Dragon - A Dragon interred amongst a pit of bones within Bedlam. A fearsome foe that will one-shot even the most hearty of warriors. Best avoided, as no quest treasures stand to be gained from this beast.

Vrokan Guardians - The guardians to the entrance of Bedlam. Fight or flee, as these have no items relevant to your reason to venture to Bedlam, aside from gold.

Boss: Monstrous Interred Grizzle

  • Monstrous Interred Grizzle does not need to be summoned and has a thirty minute respawn time. For more information, see the Peerless Page.

Bedlam Walkthrough (Old)

Prism of Light

The Prism of Light is located in Felucca on the isle of Nujel'm . It is a circular one way dungeon with teleporters to be used to gain further access in the dungeon.

Prism of Light Location

Prism of Light Quest
Monster Quest Item
Glacial Water Elemental Jar of Glacial Water Jar of Glacial Water2.png
Ice Vortex Frozen Soul Frozen Soul2.png
Crystal Hydra Hydra Scale Hydra Scale2.png
Crystal Giant Kristalen Kristalen2.png
Ice Wyrmling Ring of Ice Ring of Ice2.png
Frozen Mummy Icy Heart link = Icy Heart
Ice Wyrm Ice Wyrm Spike Ice Wyrm Spike2.png
Shimmering Effusion Prism of Light Prism of Light2.png

Boss: Shimmering Effusion

(An expanded page on the Effusion Quest is in the works. Please refer to the link before this in the meantime.)

Prism of Light Walkthrough (Old)

The Collection Offered

Once you have gathered the required items, you will need to offer each dungeon's items up separately. To do this you must gather "Collector Boxes" for the area in which you wish to obtain the gem from.

Head to the Excelsior Halls which is on the World Telepad in the "Custom" Section. Walk east and into the building to the North. Find Aerial the Collector Maker. Map View

Here you must speak the name of the dungeon you wish to get the collector box for. (This must be the dungeon's full name)

Once you have the pieces ready and your collector box in your backpack, it is now time for you to add the items from the dungeon into the collector box.

Upon adding the final piece from the specific dungeon, you will be instantly transported to the designated area for each individual dungeon. Walk North to the npc and he will take your collector box and give you a gem from the area you completed.

You must now wait 72 hours before you can fill another dungeon's collector box.

Warning: The item collector must be in your pack when entering this special room. If you add the final item to the collector while it is on the ground, in your bank box, or somewhere else, you will be transported but unable to trade for the Gem. All items in the collector are destroyed once the last one is placed, and you will have to start over on this dungeon.

Six Gems for a Seventh

Once you have claimed the gems for all 6 dungeons, it is time to use your 7th collector, the Gem Collector. To get the Gem Collector you must revisit Aerial the Collector Maker and say "Gem Collector" Place the 6 gems within, and you will trade one final time for The Gem of Completion. Congratulations you have completed the Mage's Inquisition Quest.

The Joys of Completion

GoC.png Gem Of CompletionGoC.png

The Gem of Completion is a blue/orange bracelet; when double-clicked, allows you to pick one of the GoC items.



Name Appearance Preview
Cap of Knowledge (Cap): Click to see stats View Item Stats
Gloves of the Seer (Gloves): Click to see stats View Item Stats
Shaman's Sleeves (Sleeves): Click to see stats View Item Stats
Apprentice's Stockings (Boots): Click to see stats View Item Stats
Legacy of the Archmagi (Male Chest): Click to see stats View Item Stats
Legacy of the Archmagi (Female Chest): Please PM Devlin in game if you have one of these so I can get a proper image... This is what was available lol. View Item Stats
Arcanist's Protection (Shield): Click to see stats View Item Stats

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