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Joe the Apprentice (The Rat Quest)

This is where you will first start hunting and questing. Only players with accounts 21 days old or less can get into this dungeon, so take advantage of it while you can.

Note: (Young) status does not matter, you can still get into the dungeon as long as you're under 21 days. Same applies to New Player Donation Chests and the Newbie Champ.


Use a World Teleporter World tele.png


When you first enter the newbie dungeon, you can go 3 ways:

  • To the North is a small room with vendors for your basic needs.
  • To the East, you will see a pet resurrection stone. Further down that way are tougher monsters, and stairs to the second level.
    • On the second level, monsters will attack both you and your pets.
  • To the South is where you can get rich!

Note: You will be safe on the entire first level, because the monsters will not attack you; However, they will attack your pets!

The Quest

To the south of entrance, there is an NPC, Joe, who wants you to kill rats in his house. Joe's house is due east of Joe, not south. If you complete this quest, you'll get a gold reward, reagents and organics.

  • Some rats will also drop organics as loot, collect all of these while you can.
    • Organics are used to make bio-pets and are highly sought after since they are not as easy to get once you can no longer enter the Newbie Dungeon. You can either sell them to older players and make very good money or you can save them for a later time when you yourself may want to make a bio-pet.
  • Use the reagents to fill up your Spell Caster's Keys.

More info here and here.

The "Rat Quest" is repeatable. The quest timer resets every half hour.

Note: A quest giver will not give you a quest, if you have any other quest active or the quest timer hasn't reset. They'll respond with "I'm busy, come back later".

  • To cancel an active quest, Single click your character to check if you have any quest that you might have picked up and forgotten.

A Dying Wish

Starting Point: Talk to Samus McNealson. South-east of Magincia teleporter.

Description: Collect ingredients for cure.

Rewards: Gold and gravedigger's shovel (from 5 to 20 uses). Possible chance of a Necro Altar or Blood Pentagram decos.

Quest of the solen warrior

Starting Point: Find the Solen warrior at the center of the Solen hives, near the Solen Matriarch. (Trammel or Felucca). Description Help him kill workers of the opposing hive, and find a special location to charge a weird artifact his workers uncovered. Rewards Bracelet of Sha'am, stores multiple bracelets of binding. Notes Requires you to a friend of the hive (either black or red). The solen matriarch will award you friendship if you bring her water (do her quest). Killing Solen of the hive that you are a friend of will immediately void the friendship. Both the trammel and the felucca versions require roughly equal amount of effort (travel by foot & boat), and have the same rewards.

Debra's lost crafts

Starting Point: Read what Debra is saying. She is southwest of Britain Bank.

Description: Find the Spell Caster's keys.

Rewards: Keep the keys (excellent for reagent storage).

Crystal Freighting

Starting Point: Felluca Minoc mines.

Description: Deliver energy crystals to the Light Wizard in Jhelom.

Rewards: Gold for every crystal sold.

Note: Quest NPC "Cora the light wizard" does not have a "Talk" option. Just sell her the crystals as you would sell an item to a regular vendor.