Tools of the Trades

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These are custom additions to the shard to make crafters' lives much easier, especially useful to keep you from going overweight.
If you carry any of these items with you, it is best that you either - Insure them or use an Item Bless Deed on them so that you will never lose them.

Key Rings

These are made to store resources on. Double click them for the menu. Each key ring can store 60,000 of each item they hold.
There are Rings for:

  • Spell Caster's Keys (Red) Keys Spell.png
found for free on the ground near the Minoc Public Moongate. If you have trouble seeing it, tap and release the Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously as you run around.
In addition to all types of spell casting reagents you can also store: Fertile Dirt, Zoogi Fungus, Bone, Daemon Bone, Potion Kegs, Blank Scrolls, Bottles, Sand, Keyrings, Bees Wax, and Ethereal Powder.
  • ◊Wood Worker's Keys (Blue) Keys Wood.png
In addition to all types of wood you can also store: Arrows, Bolts, Feathers and Shafts.
  • ◊Metal Worker's Keys(Purple) Keys Metal.png
All types of ingots are held.
  • ◊Tailor's Keys (Green) Keys Tailor.png
In addition to all types of leather you can also store: Cloth, Uncut cloth, Bolts of Cloth, Spools of Thread, Dragon scales of all colors, Yarn, Wool and Cotton.
  • ◊Stone Worker's Keys (Yellow) Keys Stone.png
All types of granite are held.

Tool Houses

These are made to hold and combine tools (holds up to 60,000 uses of each item). They come in 2 types.

  • ◊Tool House Tool House.png - for storing and combining regular tools.
  • ◊Runic House Runic House.png - for storing and combining runic tools.


  • Gem Pouch Gem Pouch.png - Stores gems, great for tinkers, available in Trinsic off the token stone.
  • ◊Mobile Forge Mobile Forge.png - This is a forge that you can carry with you to smelt your ores straight from your backpack.
  • Anvil Picktofollow.png - Can be used on the fly, throw on the ground to use (don't forget to pick up after use!) Obtained through BODS.

◊ - These items are created using tinker tools, found under the Custom category