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Players with 100 Animal Taming & 100 Tinkering can become bio engineers. Bio Engineering is the process in which the player gathers DNA from other creatures to form a new creature with stats of the creature that were used in sampling the DNA.

In order to become a bio engineer, you will need to a bio engineer tool, a bio engineer book and a lot of organic material. After reading the book you can then use the tool to make the items needed.

You will need organics in order to craft with the bio tool. Organics can be taken from Evil Bio Engineers, Evil Geneticists, Genetic Failures, Abominations, from completing the New Player Quest- killing giant rats in the New Player Dungeon and also obtained from Animal Taming LBOD (Large Bulk Order Deed) rewards.

Putting it all together

1. Get a bio engineer book because you need it in order to craft any of the vials or deeds. They are a bod reward for animal taming, or you can buy them for roughly about 500k ea. (only need to read it once).

2. You'll need bio tools. they run about 6k per charge or you can get them from doing animal taming bods as a reward.

3. You'll need 1 bottle, 25 ingots, 1000 organics and 1 charge on a bio tool to create 1 empty DNA vial.

4. You are going to need bottles (forgot how many), ingots (forgot how many), 5000 organics and 1 charge on a bio tool to create a empty vial set. This holds your sampled DNA.

5. You are going to need ingots, blank scrolls, and 1 charge from a bio tool to create a bio deed.

6. Get a lot of luck. 4,000 Luck or higher would be best or else you'd lose way too many empty vials.

So you finally crafted 4 empty vials of DNA. Now for the sampling part: humanoid bios are so far the best bios on the shard. Beasts are just for show and tell really.

Mimic deals with shape of the bio. Go test a humanoid enemy- a witch or something. When you successfully sample a DNA for mimic the vial will say which specials it has. See below for the different specials: Power Moves and Counter Attacks.

Next, you have to find monsters to sample for the 3 remaining DNA types: Mental, Environmental, and Prowess. The stats each of the remaining DNA types determine for your bio are listed below. For each DNA type, find a monster whose stats are equal to that of a maxxed bio if not more. To do this use animal lore on the monster to view it's stats; I suggest doing this Hidden. If the monster's stats are maxxed (compared to a bio) then sample it. For example, when sampling for Mental DNA, you'll want to look for a monster with maxxed stats in Int, Mana, Energy & Poison Resists. Maxxed stats of a bio are as seen below. The monsters chosen to be sampled from for the 3 remaining DNA types do not have to be the same shape as the bio you want; That was determined only by the Mimic DNA type.

Add all 4 DNAs by double clicking the empty vial set and targeting the DNA that you have sampled. Now you should have a full DNA vial set and a bio deed left. The next step is to double click the bio deed- an ooze thing type creature should appear. No worries that's normal. Then double click the full DNA vial set and target the ooze, and voilà you have a bio pet.


No matter how good the DNA you extract is, all the values are capped.

HP 3000, STR 1200, DEX 300

STAM 1000, INT 1200, MANA 2000

Min/Max Damage: 18/26

Resists: 70 each (Human), 75 each (Non-Human)

Virtual Armor (armor rating): 75

Types Of DNA

There are 4 types of DNA: Prowess, Environment, Mental and Mimic. Each type of DNA gathers a set of stats, resists, and even damages. Once a player gathers all four types of DNA, they can add it to a DNA Vial Set. Once the player has a full DNA Vial set, they can add it to a bio engineered clone to apply those stats to that creature.


This type of DNA deals with power. It determines the amount of Str, Hits, Damage, Physical Resistance and Fighting Skills a creature has.


This type of DNA deals with resists and speed. It determines the amount of Dex, Stam, Fire resists, Cold resist and Poisoning Skill.


This type of DNA deals with magic and mind power. It determines the amount of Int, Mana, Energy & Poison Resists and Magic skills.


This type of DNA deals with power moves and looks of the creature. It determines the body form, sound and power moves & counter attacks.

Luck plays a large role in successfully gathering DNA from creatures.

Power Moves

Power Moves and Counter Attacks are moves only a bio creature can do. They are fairly powerful, however the moves require stamina, and if the creature does not have enough stamina they will not be able to perform the moves.

Trial By Fire

This attack does multi-fire attacks to the bio's current target.

Acid Rain

This attack does an area poison attack.

Comet Attack

This attack does an area physical attack.

Call of Nature

This attack calls all untamed creatures in the area to attack the bio's current target.

Ice Blast

This attack does a cold attack to the bio's current target and sends ice spikes that will do cold damage to any agressive target moving in the area.

Counter Attacks

Counter Healing

This counter will heal the bio.

Blunt Attack

This counter will do a physical attack to the bio's current target.

Counter Poison

This counter will do a poison attack to the bio's current target.

Human Bio Pets

Human bios are one of the best pets you can obtain in the game. You can equip them with arms, armor and a shield to make them become quite a formidable tank. Be sure that the items you give it are Blessed, so that if (when) the bio dies, the items will stay with its ghost. Human bios can also ride mounts (no speed increase, unfortunately) and heal themselves with bandages, provided there are some in its backpack.

Bio Pet Commands


Used to bring up the bio pet skill gump. Players can manage their bio pet's skills from here. Players may lock, turn down or turn up skills they wish for their bio pet to learn. However only human bios can use skills like macing, swords, fencing, archery and parry.


Used to totally undress a bio human. All items that were equipped on the bio human will drop to the bio human's backpack.


Used to mount a bio human. Once said, the player will get a target. Then they can target a mount that they own (non-ethereal) and the bio human will mount it.


Used to dismount a bio human. Once said, the bio human will dismount its current mount.

"Morph" (outdated)

Previously used to morph a bio human into a form that can be stabled. This command is unnecessary now, as human bios can be stabled whether they are morphed or not.