Item name change
- 50 excelsior dollars
Send a help request and we will change the name of an item of your chosing to what you'd like it to be named.
Besides applying the standard shard language rules, the requested name is subject to extra guidelines:
- Cannot be misleading, for example the same name as an artifact, or contain a staff member's name.
- Can be at maximum 30 characters/letters long, but spaces don't count.
- If you include your player name and it's longer than 8 letters, then it is counted as if it's 8 letters.
- Unicode characters are not allowed, but if you would like a name in a language where a word has accented characters in it, we will consider it, if you provide the Alt codes for them.
- The name of the item may be reverted back to default for free (no fee, but also no refund).
- Only the actual name of the item can be added or changed. The line of text right below the name cannot be modified.

- "The enchanted mystical weapon" - OK.
- "The enchanted mystical weapon of the ancient sage" - not allowed because it's too long.
- "Thé úbér ?éåpon" - unicode art not allowed.
- "l'arme enchantée" - would probably be accepted.
- "Abecedarum Nopqr's mighty powerful sword" - is OK if player named "Abecedraium Nopqr" requests this change. Although this is in total 40 characters long, the name only counts as 8 and it comes to 29 characters if we don't count spaces.

Birthday cake or pie
- 200,000 gold pieces
If you are celebrating or if your friend is and you want to make their birthday even better, we can make you a personalized cake or pie. We have a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, plain vanilla, rapsberry, lemon, etc... The food item is non-edible by default but that can be changed.
- The inscription on the cake can be customized, but within the shard language rules.
- Name and additional line of text can be customized. Only these two lines can be modified, additional lines are not allowed.
- The cake should not reveal the person's exact birthdate. For example, a cake cannot be named "Happy 38th birthday. June 17th, 2016" is not allowed. Preferably, only the current year should be written on the cake.

Special rule for removing bound blessing
If you want to remove a "Blessed for [PlayerName]" tag on an item, you can send the help request and the blessing will be removed, for free. But keep in mind that the item will no longer be blessed.

Exceptional relayer
(last stage before being available as a deed)

Decorative banner
- 2,000,000 gold pieces
- buy 5 identical banners, get 6th banner free.
- Useful for guilds or simply as house decoration.
- The banner can have an inscription of your chosing (within reason and language rules).
- Name and additional line of text can be customized. Only these two lines can be modified, additional lines are not allowed.
- Available ItemIDs: 5550 - 5621. Click here to show a screenshot of all available banners.

Event participation rewards
- 100,000 gold pieces for each, a minimum of 50 must be purchased.
If you organize a scavenger hunt or just want to give out an attendance token for your event. Possible appearances: sash, bust statue, violet energy crystal, green energy crystal, or anything that is easily obtainable in the game and doesn't exceed 10,000gp value. The items can be named and hued to your liking. You can pick a regular hue (range 0-999: red, green, etc...) or a special color (range 1000-3000) if that hue is available and you provide one universal dyetub. All of these items, when hovered over with a mouse, show a line "Player event reward: <PlayerName>, <Date>". The minimum number that must be purchased may change in the future, proportionally to how many people play. There's no criteria for what kind of an event you run, so you can also get these items if you don't actually host an event (for example, for a birthday or aniversary of a guild, etc.) but the format of the item description is the same for all such items, regardless what kind of event they are made for.



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