Coordinating administrator:
Mature and responsible staff.
Balanced shard. Friendly players.
Welcome to your new home.

SE/ML • PvM/RP, no PK • dueling • no skill cap • 300 stat cap
one account per person, two+ houses per account
smith/tailor/taming/fletcher/carpentry BODs,
custom monsters, items and materials, animal breeding,
bioengineering, apiculture, wax crafting, farming, ...
rentable houses and castles, the list goes on and on...

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We recommend that you
get the prepatched client.

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on how to get started. Once you're in the game,
our friendly players will show you around.

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If you already have Client 5.x.x simply connect to
Address:, port 60
We recommend getting our custom patch

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Trader Central: St. Patrick's Quest 2017 (1 hour ago)
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Voting Stone (2 hours ago)
Zhi: Voted again today, on all 5 sites as...
WTB Older St. Patricks Day Irish Books (5 hours ago)
AcidBern: Got all of this years. Still need 8 from...
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UOSteam Error (14 hours ago)
Annachie: You can't Tesla, only one of the Admin...
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Moki: As soon as i can log in i will start typing...
i did it again >.< (18 hours ago)
Moki: i still can not log in hope i have enough cash...
Vendor currency (20 hours ago)
+Nyx: Please submit feature requests in-game using...
You're Invited! (1 day ago)
dreamstalker: Yeppers im in unless i fall over dead...
selling excelsior dollars 100 for gold (2 days ago)
jan3333: sold !
WTS Pet Supply's And Kegs (2 days ago)
Shylo: Pet leashes 5000gp Hitching Posts 5000 gp Pet...
WTS L100 Yumi and Blessed GOC Boots (3 days ago)
Nick: Selling L100 Yumi with HFB, HL, HLD, HS, HML...

Shard time: 18:54:56     159 players online
18:00Rand Dawnbringeror that
18:00Aristotle Distalaccount
18:01Zyndiranyone up for a date then?
18:01Perniciouswow you're so young
18:01Lillandra Starrlolz
18:01Zyndirbut experienced
18:03fudgewts orange pumpkin tree 40 eds batwings same .. ridable drake 1.2. archery 120 .1.2 mil
18:04Scratchy Hamsterwts captain jack sparrow's cutlass. pm me.
18:09Golden Temptresstrading thin gray exotic tree for fat grey/pumpkin tree
18:09Hermy6 min remaining of my noob status
18:29TroeBuying Excelior Dollars WTB EDs [pm troe
18:33AcidBernPrice Drop on Leprechaun Horde & More St. Pat Rewards Golden Clovers High End Jewelry Superstore @ TC in the NW Corner WTB Older St. Pat books PM me
18:40Jest RidicuMistvale arti pile of Crossbow Bolts for sale! PM with offers :)
18:41AsherMore deco and golden clovers on vendor Asher in TC =)
18:53Poicca★ ★ Leprechauns Hoard 8M - 120 archery and animal lore - looted weapons - my vendor TC ★ ★

The Portal allows you to participate in the public chat and trade commodities, from any web browser, even at work :)
This is a custom feature of our shard.

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