- Each person is allowed to have one (1) account. No one person can, in any way or any circumstances, have multiple accounts.
- Multiple accounts per IP address is allowed, as long as each account is used by different person, and only by that person.
- It is totally legal to exchange any kind of items between your characters.

Creating your account

There is no web-based form for creating an account. Your account gets automatically created when you log in.

When logging in, if the username doesnt exist, the server attempts to create it. But if there already exists an account with the same IP, you wont be able to create an account yourself. If one of the members of your household already plays on the shard, he or she may create an account for you with the instructions below.

Requesting a secondary account for the same IP address

A player can create additional accounts for the members of their household. To do that, simply type the command [account when logged in. A gump will show up, and at the bottom of that "Your account gump" there is a button for creating another account. As written there, we must stress that the accounts you create may not be used by you. Each account on the shard may only be used only by it's owner.

If you are unable to create an account due to an unknown reason or if you run into any problems or questions, send an email to: ca [at] uoex[dot] net

Penalties for cheating

For those found using 2 accounts for themselves, the penalty is immediate deletion or permanent blocking of one of the accounts (all except one in case you have more of them), and temporary ban of your main account (several days or weeks, even months, depending on circumstances of the violation).

Deletion of an inactive account

Accounts that are not played for longer periods of time are eventually deleted.

Your account will be kept safe after you last log off for the same time that you have been online with it.
But at minimum 6 months. And maximum 3 years.

* Accounts with less than 1 hour of gametime may be deleted as soon as after 1 month of inactivity.
* In the future there may be a way to put an account in storage or that accounts will no longer be deleted, just archived. Accounts may also be kept longer than specified here, but an account will definitely not be deleted sooner.
* Permanently banned accounts, may be removed much sooner, including deletion of items.
* These rules do not guarantee that your account, houses, or other game-related objects/entities/data will definitely exist. This server runs on an "as is" principle, can't guarantee to withstand "acts of god". We have however been online without major catastrophies since 2006 and have plenty of backup locations.

For houses owned by your account, the rule is similar: after you log off, houses are kept for one half of the time you have been online. But at minimum 3 months. And maximum 1 year and a half (18 months).

It is possible to recover an account after it has been deleted: see the Services/Recovery page.

Example: Player A was online for a total of 480 hours (20 days), and stops playing on March 1st. The account will be kept safe for 6 months, until September 1st. Houses of this player would drop after 3 months, on June 1st.
Example: Player B was online for a total of 7680 hours (245 days), and stops playing on April 1st. The account will be kept safe for 8 months, until December 5th.  Houses of this player would drop after about 122 days, on August 1st.
Example: Player C was online for a total of 27000 hours (1125 days) and stops playing on Januay 1st. The account will be kept safe for 3 years, until January 1st, 3 years later. Houses of this player would drop after 18 months, July 1st of the next year.

Note: if you have entered your email into the [account menu, you will be notified by email shortly before your houses fall or your account is deleted. But this notification is only sent once in a lifetime per account, this is to let everyone know that houses and accounts are deleted but you still need to remember yourself to refresh your houses and account.

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