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Winter Changelogs (January, February, March)


January 4th

FIX Aquarium reward bug
FIX Issue with setting date values to objects with staff commands
FIX Brush couldn't be added with staff command.
FIX Bug with chopping down sculptures (e.g. ice witch, oogie boogie, grinder).

January 11th

FIX Bracelet of Sha'am can now be insured or blessed.
FIX Issue with crafting items with special materials, products not getting the material's color, and issue with using the machine repair kit (these got broken with the last update)
FIX Spelling of "Petrified" on spell caster's key.
FIX Minor issue with watering crops by targeting the land tile that they grow in.

January 17th

CHANGE Feeding bucket will only feed pets that are ordered to Stay. Players have left pets wandering in a small room with the bucket inside, but the pet walked too far away from the bucket and stopped feeding.
CHANGE Hireables can no longer be bonded.
CHANGE Unitub will no longer dye housegates to the natural hue (applies only to gates that link with the housegate area).
FIX Grave digger's shovel no longer works on house addons that contain grave tiles.
FIX Captain blackheart's fishing pole - name didn't show properly.
FIX Unitub exploit that made it possible to use a reserved hue.
FIX Wax refiner machine repair - another issue that caused it to be non-repairable.
FIX New craft system didn't trigger wearing-out on the bonus crafting gear that has tenacity (uses).
FIX Fishing bait could not be attached to fishing poles.
FIX Removed several remaining Corn Crops that had an infinite supply. Corrected a glitched message that is shown when harvesting crops.

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