Imprisoned Pets

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Imprisoned Pets

Imprisoned Pets, simply known as Imps are a special sort of pet. They are known as Imps because of the form and name in which players find them, Imprisoned in a Crystal. There are currently three kinds of Imp Pets:

  • Albino Squirrels
  • Imprisoned Ferrets
  • Imprisoned Dogs

All three imps have the same pack instinct: Canine. For people wanting to take advantage of this while still lacking a full pack of imp pets/not being able to afford to oint the HP of all your imps, you can supplement the pack with maxed Hell Hounds or other types of regular pets with Canine Instinct.

Differences from Regular Pets

These pets differ in a few ways from tameable pets:

  • Only dropped by Peerless Monsters in a Crystal, or bought - they cannot be found in the wild.
  • Do not suffer from stat loss upon death.
  • Cannot breed or level up.
  • Pack a harder punch than one would think Think The Holy Grail, "It's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!".
  • If they go wild, they poof. Keep em happy folks!


Albino Squirrels are by far the easiest Imprisoned Pet to acquire.

Acquired from: Lady Melisande can drop squirrels in a crystal and Slaarion's Portal Map will allow players to buy Albino Squirrels for 500 Elven Notes. Also, other players may sell imps out of crystal, or in crystal.

Damage Type: 100% Physical and 100% Poison Damage


Imprisoned Ferrets are a bit harder to get than squirrels.

Acquired from: Shimmering Effusion can drop ferrets in a crystal and Slaarion's Portal Map will allow players to buy Imprisoned Ferrets for 500 Elven Notes. Also, other players may sell imps out of crystal, or in crystal,

Damage Type: 100% Physical and 100% Poison Damage


Imprisoned Dogs are the hardest of the imp pets to get, as they can only be looted.

Acquired from: Travesty can drop dogs in a crystal. Also, other players may sell imps out of crystal, or in crystal.

Damage Type: 100% Physical and 100% Fire Damage


When your dog trots around with you, it will constantly morph into your form. While in human form (not Vampire/Wraith/Angel), should your dog mimic you, it cannot be shrunk. It will simply give you a dirty look.

This isn't a problem for players who are using Angelic Form/Vampiric Embrace or other spells that change them out of human form; imp dogs can be shrunk as long as they haven't mimicked you in human form.

Slaarion's Portal Map

Slaarion's Portal Map is a temporary item that lasts about 30 minutes. This is a one time use item. Once you double click this map you will be teleported to a ledge with a table displaying the items you can buy, the stone to purchase the items from, and a Sparkle (the exit). When you leave the area, you will be teleported in front of the Labyrinth. You cannot recall or gate in the immediate area; run back to the orange gate to the east that you came in from to head back to Grimswind Ruins.


When you double click a Imprisoned Pet Crystal, it will release your new Imp Pet. They come bonded with around 200 Hit Points, 60 Dexterity, and 60 Stamina, and a variable amount of strength. Releasing an Imp from Crystal is always a gamble; their strength varies between 270 and 370 and just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.


Strength is the only stat on an imp that cannot be increased with ointments or through training. There are a few reasons to consider strength. Imps cannot breed or level up, so they have no ability points to apply, meaning you must apply Ointments to raise their stats. Some find it a waste to use ointments on an imp with less than 300 strength, while others have even higher standards. Ointments/the reagents needed are fairly expensive to the average player, especially at the amounts needed to oint an imp to desirable levels.

The damage difference between a 270/370 strength imp is about 10%. As an imprisoned pets main job is to die and not suffer from stat loss, anything else (i.e. their damage output) is essentially a bonus to their main function. Early on, any old imp will do. However, once you approach "end-game" and want to dump oints onto an imp (500+ HP/maxed other stats/resists), you should consider finding imps that are above 360 strength.



An Imprisoned Pet will naturally gain Intelligence and Dexterity while fighting (up to 125). This will take a long time, as they might gain a stat point once every 15 minutes, similar to players. Intelligence seems to increase a lot faster than Dexterity. Having access to a personal trainer is useful when trying to train imp pets to save a few ointments.

Suggested Stats

Imprisoned Pets do not use magic, so the key stats to oint are:

Hit Points, Dexterity, Stamina, & Armor Rating

Suggested Stat Spread for Ointed Imps:

  • Hit Points - 400-500
  • Dexterity - 140 (Maxed)
  • Stamina - 200-300
  • Armor Rating - 70 (Maxed)

The above stats will give you a well rounded imp that can tank quite a bit and output significant damage. Stamina is key to keeping your imp continually hitting; no stamina, no attack.

Armor Rating is worth adding as well; it will take 70 AR ointments to max. There is a debate as to the specific function of Armor rating. It works in either one of two ways:

  • AR gives pets a damage reduction to physical damage. 70 AR would be an additional 10% There is a debate if this is off the top or to the remainder (75 Resists = 75% dmg reduction. A pet with max phys resist of 75 takes 25% dmg. Max AR could give 10% off that 25% (22.5%), or an additional 10% (15%.)
  • AR is essentially the Defense Chance Increase for Pets.

There is a forum topic here discussing this; once it is determined just exactly how AR works, this will be updated. AR on Pets. Regardless of which way AR works, both functions make AR worthwhile.

Note:There are plenty of opinions and information on the importance of Imp strength, what to oint and not to oint, as well as how much to oint. The forums are always a great source for info, as well as other players.

Strength & Stamina Study with Albino Squirrels