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To counter the loss of stats when a pet dies it's possible to gather ointments and heal the pet.

A regular ointment can be found anywhere across Felucca: the harder the monster, the more chance of it dropping the ointment. You can also obtain them by unlocking and looting some of the Treasure Chests found in many Dungeons. Once you have an Ointment, you can apply it to a pet and it will partially heal it (however this is usually a waste and not recommended). You can also mix this ointment with certain materials and apply it to get great results - increase the maximum hits, strength, resists, etc. of the pet by 5-10% past the normal cap. Here's a list of options:

Result Ingredient Quantity Cap
Hit Points Ginseng 140 1100
Strength Mandrake Root 140 1050/260 pack instinct
Dexterity Blood Moss 90 275/140 pack instinct
Intelligence Spider's Silk 120 800/175 pack instinct
Mana Ethereal Powder 1 1100
Stamina Black Pearl 140 550
Physical Resist Pig Iron 100 75
Fire Resist Spring Water 130 75
Cold Resist Bee's Wax 40 75
Poison Resist Orange Petals 1 75
Energy Resist Nox Crystal 110 75
Armor Rating Green Thorns 1 70

Double-click the regular ointment, target the material and the ointment will turn into a different type. After you do this you cannot turn it back to a "universal" ointment.