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This guide relates to some of the custom features of Excelsior, as well as gives tips for spells and skills you will need to raise/master in order to do well here. Review the command list for some helpful features, check out a custom set of spells, including the BEST heal in the game, and take a look at some of the Skills you will definitely want to use.

The Codex

Every player accepts the rules of this shard upon logging in for the first time. It is the responsibility of the player to educate themselves regarding the codex and penalties for rule violations.

You may review the codex here: http://www.uoex.net/codex

You may review the penalties for rule violations here: http://www.uoex.net/codex/penalties

Ignorance of the rules, AFK checking processes, or any other shard-specific policies will not result in a reduction or removal of penalty for violations.

New Player Quests

There are a few quests available for new players that have the potential to bring in lots of dough. Please see New Player Quests for a guide on how to get started.


This is a short-list of commands that you should know. Here is the full list of Commands. The [help command shows you all commands.

Command What it Does
[claim: Will auto loot some items from a corpse, including Gold, Ointments, Fertile Dirt, Arrows and a small reward for claiming
[claimall: Will auto loot all items from a corpse.
[safebet: You can bet on how the World Saves are (every hour). Enter how many seconds you think it will be (i.e. 5.5). It's a 5k bet and the house takes 500 gold per bet. Whoever is closest takes all.
[exex: Custom system used to trade items/stackables. Check http://uoex.net/wiki/ExEx for a guide on how to use it.
[cs: You can macro any spell with [cs {spellnamenospaces}. So an example would be "[cs enemyofone]" or "[cs consecrateweapon]", without the "s. Some spells aren't in the macro list, this lets you easily macro spells, without scrolling and scrolling.
[bandself: Will bandage you. [band will open the gump to bandie. The Alt+O macro for healing doesn't work. Razor works nicely though. EasyUO users, see Blaze Budd[le]'s HealR script.

Cleric spells

Cleric spells are a set of custom spells on UOEX. The spellbook and spells can be purchased from Healers. Here is a list of Cleric Spells and info about each.

Cleric Spells will not unequip your weapon you when you cast them. You need Spirit Speak the same way you would need Magery. To cast you must tithe.

Because cleric spells have no book and they are custom to UOEX, they can not be macro'd like magery spells for example, or have their icons dragged out. Here is a guide on macroing spells with the [cs command.

Touch of Life is the best heal in game.

Restoration is the best rez in game.

Angelic Faith is probably the best buff in game.


Here's a break down of what skills you will need to have. Won't mention, magery/fighting skills, etc, as everyone knows of these

Skill What it Does
Hiding: Must have, as you need it for... Find a 120 Hide Power Scroll, train it and you can hide not far from your foes.
Stealth: One of the best skills in game. Allows you to easily get back to your corpse, scout out a new dungeon, avoid baddies, etc. You do not need to reapply stealth every 10 steps here, but there is a skill check as you are walking. Metal armor, etc. make it harder to stealth. You cannot use your pets for 20 seconds after you stealth. Macro hiding/stealth early on, as it changes so many things.
Focus: The warriors meditation. This adds base stam AND mana regeneration. Get this and Meditation to 120
Music/Peacemaking: Good to stall enemies as they approach, helps let you fight one at a time. Also helps in taming pets.
Discordance: A bardic ability that lowers the stats of the target. At 100 skill, lowers stats by 20%, 120 should be 24%
Bushido: Great assist skill. You need Bushido, or Ninjitsu, in order to use a Yumis abilities. Bushdio also has spells that act as weapon abilities, should your weapon not have any good ones (eg cavorting club). Bushido will also affect the amount of damage done by Whirlwind weapons, up to a cap of +100 damage. Shouldn't be the first skill you level, but definitely worth having/playing with
Chivalry: See Chivalry section.
Necro: See Necro section.
Tracking/Detect Hidden: Helps in Gauntlet, on the Shadow Knight boss. Good to have before you go in and waste an hour/all your regs
Spirit Speak: Heals you upon use. Also acts as Magery for Cleric Spells

Weapon Abilities

There are many skills and weapons in UO. Some are useful while others are not. The combination of the right weapons, abilities, and skills will boost your damage astronomically. Use this to figure out what weapons, what abilities and what skills help the most.

Proper Weapon

The first thing to look at is what kind of weapon to use. There are two factors to look at when picking a weapon: Base Weapon Damage and/or Weapon Abilities.

Based on damage, abilities, and the range factor, the Yumi is the best weapon in the game. If Archery is not your style, the War Hammer has great abilities/high damage. War Hammers are great for both single target DPS and AoE with WW. Double Axes have WW and Double Strike, making them another good option for a multi weapon (single target and AoE.) Halberds have the highest base damage of any WW weapon, meaning they do the most AoE and hit area on a wep is stronger, but won't do as great as a yumi as a single target wep. The No-Dachi is a very nice weapon, but cannot be looted. A Darkened Sky is the best No-Dachi, aside from a crafted.

If you are looking for one handed weapons, check out the Viking Sword or the Axe. Scepters, Broadswords, Mauls, and Maces all do well also. Radiant Scimitars are one handed weapons with WW, but have low base damage, so many hit spells on this would be best. Basically anything with Crushing Blow/Double Strike is ideal for any melee weapon, as long as the base damage on the weapon isn't below 14-15.

Whirlwind Weapons are very powerful if combined with hit spells and hit areas (either on the weapon itself or with a leveling deed). Halberds, War Hammers and Double Axes are best here for the aforementioned reasons.

Weapon Ability Chart

Ability Weapon (Best used with) What it Does
Armor Pierce Yumi (Only) Only on Yumis. Adds 50% damage to your hit, has a chance to damage their armor as well. Similar to Crushing Blow, but has range. Use this if you have a Hanzos/Horselords or no +hits on your bow
Double Shot Yumi (Only) Only on Yumis. Same as Double Strike, fires two shots, but there is no damage penalty. Best single target damage ability in game, IF your weapon has multiple +hits on it (Fireball/Lightning, maybe Magic Arrow. Harm is bad for a bow.)
Crushing Blow War Hammer

Viking Sword


Ornate Axe

Adds 50% damage to your hit, has a chance to damage their armor as well. Similar to Armor Pierce, but no range. Best melee single target damage ability out there
Whirlwind War Hammer


Double Axe

Radiant Scimitar

GREAT ability. Hits every target within a 1 tile range, up to 9 targets. Hit Areas/Spells can do HUGE sums of damage here

NOTE: Bushido affects the damage that Whirlwind does. The formula is: ((# of opponents * Bushido) * (# of opponents * Bushido) / 3600) = Bonus Damage

The Bonus Damage is capped at 100.

Double Strike Double Axe


Repeating Xbox

Swings twice at once. Each hit takes a -10% damage reduction. Any +Hits on your weapon will hit twice, meaning +Lightning/Fireball do well with this ability

'NOTE: Double Strike has a -10% damage penalty per hit. Double Shot does not. Both of these abilities are best used when combined with multiple +hits on your weapon (lightning, fireball, magic arrow, and harm means you can hit an enemy up to 10x with one attack.)

Mortal Strike Bow


Hammer Pick

Exec. Axe

Prevents a target from healing. 6 seconds in PvP, 12 in PvE. Useful for taming targets you have to subjugate
Frenzied Whirlwind Tetsubo


Only on Ninja/Bushido weps, adds a bleed on the target that does massive amounts of damage over 5-10 or so seconds

Mana Leech

Mana Leech (ML) is key in being able to spam Weapon Abilities. Without ML you cannot use Armor Pierce/Crushing Blow every attack, significantly reducing your damage output. Ideally, you want to find a weapon with ML on it already. Adding ML to a weapon with a deed can cost a few points, points that should be going to +hit spells.

Weapon Damage Chart


Weapon Base Damage Abilities
Yumi 18-20 Armor Pierce/Double Shot
Bow 16-18 Para Blow/Mortal Strike
Composite Bow 13-17 Armor Ignore/Moving Shot


Weapon Base Damage Abilities
Ornate Axe 18-20 Crushing Blow/Disarm
Halberd 18-19 Whirlwind/Concussion Blow
No-Dachi 16-18 Crushing Blow/Riding Swipe
Large Battle Axe 16-17 Whirlwind/Bleed
Double Axe 15-17 Double Strike/Whirlwind
Viking Sword 15-17 Crushing Blow/Para Blow
Axe (One-Hand)* 14-16 Crushing Blow/Dismount


Weapon Base Damage Abilities
War Hammer 17-18 Whirlwind/Crushing Blow
War Mace 16-17 Crushing Blow/Bleed
Hammer Pick 15-17 Armor Ignore/Mortal Strike
Tetsubo 12-14 Frenzied WW/Crushing Blow


Fencing weps aren't that good compared to other weps. They have low wep damage and bad abilities. Use at your own discretion =)


Pets are a huge asset for a new player, however you are responsible for your pets and there are things you should know:

  • Acquire pet summoning balls via the solen quests or purchasing from fellow players and keep them maintained for your current pets. These are incredibly important for times when your pets are accidentally left in a place you cannot easily access.
  • If you are in an area where the system automatically teleports you - YOUR PETS WILL NOT BE TELEPORTED. You will need to use a pet summoning stone for a fee, or your own pet summoning balls.
  • Feed your pets often, especially when you unshrink them, between each fight, and after each resurrection. If you do not...
  • Pets can and do go wild on this shard. They will go wild when they become unhappy, which can happen quickly after the pet dies or when it is left unattended (meaning it cannot see you due to walls or you being logged out).
  • If your pets go wild for any reason, they will not be recovered for free by the staff.