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Accessing Excelsior Exchange

The command to access ExEx:


Adding Items to ExEx

Located in various places are light blue wooden boxes. The most notable are in Trinsic and Britain, placed right by the bank. There is also one placed in Town Center.

Personal ExEx Deposit Boxes are available for players to buy from the Token Stone in Trinsic. A personal box must be locked down and secured in the player's home in order to use.

TC Exex Box.JPG Brit Exex Box.JPG

Drag and drop the items you want to sell and gold you want to spend into/onto the ExEx Box. If you plan on buying anything you must deposit gold stacks or bank checks in to the ExEx Box. Once in the box, you'll find them listed in the My Balance or My Items section of [Exex.

NOTE: You should NEVER attempt to store temporary items, quest items, quest rewards, or any 'custom' items made by the staff in the exex. These items are not exex compatible. Placing them in your exex will ruin them and they will NOT be replaced!

ExEx Categories

Here is a list categories and their commodities that a player can buy or sell in.

ExEx Exchange
Category Commodities
Common Tokens, Excelsior Dollars, ElvenNotes, Blank Scroll, Bottles, Arrows, Bolts, Organics, Empty DNA Vial
Tools Shovel, Axe, Smith Hammer, Carpentry Hammer, Sewing kit, Fletcher Tools,

Mortar and pestle, Mallet and chisel, Gargoyle's pickaxe, Gargoyle's axe, Gargoyle's knife, Bio-engineer's tool, Grave Digger's shovel

Misc Ethereal Powder, Zoogi Fungus, Translocation powder, Cloth, slumgum, Beeswax, Daemon Bones, Golden Skull, Universal dye tub, Empty potion keg.
Ingots All Ingots from Iron to Platinum
Boards All Boards from Regular to Petrified
Leather All Leather from Regular to Ethereal
Reagents All Reagents from Magery to Druid
Ointments All Ointments types, Green Thorns and Orange petals.
Essences Essence of Anatomy, Archery, Fencing, Macing, Parrying, Swords, Tactics, and Wrestling
Gems Blue Diamond, Brilliant Amber, Dark Sapphire, Ecru Citrine, Fire Ruby, Perfect Emerald, Turquoise, White Pearl

Buying & Selling

In any of these tabs (Other than the "My Balance/My Items" tab) you will find a list of items.

To the right of these you will see three spaces for prices.

  • Ask(buy direct) Players can immediately buy items for this price.
  • Bid(sell direct) Players can immediately sell items for this price.
  • Spread Difference in price between Ask and Bid

When you click on a menu, lets use Common as an example, and then click on Excelsior Dollars. It will bring up the sell/buy screen it will look like this:


SELL - On the left is the sell column, everything in this column has to do with selling.

    -Bid: current price for selling directly
    - Amount Amount of items to be sold directly
    - Sell Direct This will sell at market price

    - Amount: Amount to be sold in sell order
    - Each At: Price you want to sell each item at
    - Create Sell Order Clicking this will create sell order
    - Your Current Stock: All Stock a player has of this item, including sell orders
    - Your Available Stock: All Stock a player has that is free to be withdrawn or sold- does not include sell orders not sold yet.

BUY - On the right is the buy column, everything in this column has to do with buying.

    -Ask: current price for buying directly
    - Amount: Amount of items to be bought directly
    - Buy Direct This will buy at market price

    - Amount: Amount to be bought in buy order
    - Each At: Price you want to buy at
    - Create Buy Order Clicking this will create a buy order
    - Your Gold Balance: All gold you have in exex, even gold tied up in buy orders
    - Your Available Gold: All gold you have in exex that is free to use, not including gold tied up in buy order
    - View My Orders Clicking this will show buy or sell orders you have for that particular item.

Buy and Sell Orders

The bottom options are for placing a Sell order (on the bottom left) and Buy order (on the bottom right) - these will set the market price. Enter amount and price in the spaces provided. The sell order, if lower than all other sell orders, will be posted in the "Ask" Column on the commodity listing page for that item. The Buy order, if higher than all other buy orders, will be posted under the "Bid" Column on the commodity listing page for that item.

My Balance Tab

This is the second to last tab on the main Exex menu.

this is a list of all the items you have in Exex and the amounts you have, have in trade, and amount you have available to trade

    - Commodity - This is the item
    - Balance - This shows the total amount of the items you currently have in and out of trades
    - In Trade - This is the amount of the item you have in trades (if you have a balance of 1000 Excelsior Dollars and you have 100 of them in a Sell Order then this number would read 100)
    - Available - This is the amount of the item you have available to add to a trade (if you have a balance of 1000 Excelsior Dollars and you have 100 in a sell order this number would read 900)
    - Withdraw - Amount you wish to withdraw from Exex (if you have 1,000,000 gold in your Exex account and wish to withdraw 500,000 you would enter 500000 into the space next to gold and click the withdraw button at the bottom on the Exex gump. It will send the gold to a backpack in your bank, you will not be able to add things to this bag and please trash this bag once you've emptied it.)

My Items

If you ever drop an item that isn't a valid commodity for trade on ExEx it will be shown under this tab, you can view those items, or withdraw those items from this tab.

A neat little note on "My Items", this feature can be used to pass items from one character to another within the same account. Just drop an item into ExEx Box, then use one of your other characters and 'withdraw' that item out. The Character that Withdrew the item will have it delivered into his Bank Box.

My Orders

This tab will show you all your orders, buy or sell, that you current have.

Gold Stash

Exex can be used to stash your excess gold instead of stacking up piles and checks in your bank box. Once you've dropped gold, tokens or other stackable times in Exex, you can retrieve them free of charge from the same character or any of your other characters.

Combining Tools

Exex can be used to combine common tools into high-use tools. Just drop lots of the low-use tools into a blue Exex box. You will find them as a single line counting all the uses in your Exex balance. You can can then withdraw exactly the number of uses you want on the tool and you'll find the new tool in your bank box.