Vendor Stones

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There are special stones, called Vendor Stones, in front of Trinsic bank. They are used for buying certain items in bulk.

  • Reagent Vending Machine (red stone) sells bulk reagents for druid spells, and seeds to grow magery and necromancy reagents.

  • Gold Stone (golden) sells the more expensive/custom items you can purchase with gold.

  • Token Stone (turquoise) sells rewards which you can buy with tokens. Tokens are gathered by killing monsters, and turning in Bulk Order Deeds. You can also get them by trashing items using your Trash-4-Tokens Bag. Keep your token ledger in your top-level backpack (and not in a container within) at all times, so you can receive tokens.

  • Excelsior Dollar Stone (white stone) sells special items that you can purchase with ED's (Excelsior Dollars). There are several located through a white moongate near the entrance of the Trinsic Bank.

  • UO Excelsior Websites (blue stones, found in multiple locations) opens a list of UOEx's website, Wiki, Forum, etc.