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Casting all spells

If you want to set up shortkeys, the command for casting any spell is:

[cs <spellname>

For example:

  • [cs mark
  • [cs vampiricembrace
  • [cs volcanicerruption

When casting a spell using this command you need to have the appropriate spell book in your backpack, or within a blessed container in your backpack (such as a bag of holding or a blessed bag/backpack/pouch)

Druid spells

Druid spells apply to the Animal Lore and Animal Taming skills. The most useful Druid spells are Volcanic Eruption, Stone Circle and Enchanted grove. But there are also a few others that prove to be very handy or just a cool thing to have. The scrolls for casting can be found on several creatures, however for frequent casting it's useful to have the Druid Spellbook (Tome of Nature).

  • Leaf whirlwind - Similar to the Mark spell.
  • Hollow Reed - Similar to the Bless spell.
  • Pack of Beasts - Summons animals; the number of which depends on your skill.
  • Spring of Life - Restores a small amount of health, but takes time to be cast again.
  • Grasping Roots - Casts roots that paralyze your opponent.
  • Blend with Forest - Summons a tree to the target behind which you can hide.
  • Swarm of Insects - Summons insects that sting your opponent.
  • Volcanic Eruption - Fire comes from underneath the ground and damages all opponents in sight.
  • Summon Familiar - Summons a creature to help you in battle.
  • Stone Circle - Creates a circular wall around the opponent, disabling him from moving out of that small area, unless unless the opponent is able to teleport.
  • Enchanted Grove - Grows a circle of trees which heals and restores mana to you and your friends, but not pets.
  • Lure Stone - Lures all enemies and creatures in the area to a stone. Enemies will be more interested in the stone than attacking you.
  • Nature's Passage - Similar to the Recall spell.
  • Mushroom Gateway - Similar to the Gate Travel spell, but with a lot more stylish look.
  • Restorative Soil - Creates a special soil that resurrects anyone who walks across.
  • Shield of Earth - Summons a wild hedge to grow out of the ground, preventing your opponents from reaching you.

Cleric spells

Cleric spells are based on your Spirit Speak (SS) skill. They do not use reagents, but tithed gold. For more information about the spells (how much tithing, what skill and mana is requires for each of them) type "I pray to the gods" and the menu will pop up. To cast the cleric spells you need a libram of purity which can be obtained form any healer. All of the cleric spells are also available to be cast by typing the command [cs

Note: SS will heal you a bit when you use it as a skill from the skill menu. It heals more if there's a corpse nearby. For reagents, you must tithe at an ankh, just like Chivalry.

  • Touch of Life: The best heal in game. Nuff' said
  • Sacred Boon: A HoT, heal over time spell, that heals 10-15 every few seconds. I avoided adding this one initially, because Touch of Life outranks it on cast time, mana and amount healed. I wouldn't advise using it to heal pets, but SB can be nice if you're running through Paroxy or other nasty places.
  • Angelic Faith: Turns you into an angel, boosts your stats. At 100 Spirit Speak you get +20 to str/dex/int. Every 5 points of SS = 1 point to each stat, at a max of +24's. Will also boost your Anatomy, Mace Fighting and Healing, following the same formula as stats.
  • Restoration: Best resurrection in game. Brings back the rezzee with 100% mana/hp.
  • Purge: Quick poison cleanse
  • Smite: Best spell to use against umms. Causes energy damage.
  • Trial by Fire: At the behest of Anarchy. This spell is like Thorns from Everquest or WoW. Attackers receive damage when they strike you, sort of like a temporary RPD buff.