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Cleric spells are a set of custom spells on Excelsior. They require the cleric spellbook which can be bought from any healer around the world(don't forget to grab the spell scrolls). For faster access and macro options just type "I pray to the gods" and a menu will appear. From here you can view the skill needed, tithe cost, and description. You can bind cleric spells with the command "[cs spellnamenospaces" instead of going to the menu each time. A guide on macroing spells with the [cs command can be found here.

Cleric spells use spirit speak as the main casting skill.

Spell Skill Needed What it Does
Angelic Faith 80 Turns you into an angel, boosting your stats. At 100 Spirit Speak you get +20 Str/Dex/Int. Every 5 points of SS = +1 point to each stat, at a max of +24. Will also boost your Anatomy, Mace Fighting and Healing, following the same formula.
Banish Evil 60 Banishes Undead targets. Auto kills rotting corpses, lich lords, etc. Works well at Doom Champ. Does not produce a corpse however.
Dampen Spirit 30 Drains the stamina of your target, according to the description.
Divine Focus 35 Don't bother - Should make you heal for more, BUT once casted you must run out of mana COMPLETELY (0/100) for it to stop slowly draining your mana.
Hammer of Faith 40 Summons a War Hammer with Undead Slayer on it for you.
Purge 10 Cleanses Poison. Better than Cure.
Restoration 50 Resurrection. Brings the target back with 100% HP/Mana.
Sacred Boon 25 A HoT, heal over time spell, that heals 10-15 every few seconds. Great to cast on yourself while running through dangerous places where you may take some hits. Works nicely on pets too.
Sacrifice 5 Heals your party members when you take damage. Sort of like thorns, but it heals instead of hurts.
Smite 80 Best spell to use against umms. Causes energy damage.
Touch of Life 30 The best heal in game. Heals even if Mortal Strike or poison are active on the target.
Trial by Fire 45 This spell is like Thorns from Everquest or WoW. Attackers receive damage when they strike you, sort of like a temporary RPD buff.

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