The Mage's Inquisition Quest (GoC)

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The Mage's Inquisition Quest (GoC) is a great adventure with useful rewards. The rewards are so great that the quest itself must be completed with a lot of work, time, and in some instances, in groups.

This quest is split into 6 chapters, consisting of dungeons with creatures of various difficulties that yield key items needed for completion.


The Collection Awaits

This guide has been separated into sections for an easier understanding of each individual area.

Blighted Grove

Blighted Grove is considered the easiest of all the dungeons in the quest. It is the best place to start.

Located here

Blighted Quest Items
ThrashersScale.pngTrasher's Scale Abscesstooth.pngAbscess Tooth Remnants Of An Ancient Ent.pngRemnants Of An Ancient Ent Tangle Fluid.pngTangle Fluid
Insanity Taffy.pngInsanity Taffy Dream Catcher.pngDream Catcher Lady Melisandes Spellbook.pngLady Melisande's Spellbook

Blighted Quest Monsters
Thrasher Abscess Insane Dryad Drevo
Tangle Saliva Lady Melisande

Blighted Grove Walkthrough (Old)


This will be the second dungeon you will want to tackle in this adventure. The dungeon is filled with secret teleports to move around to different areas.

Located here

Sanctuary Quest Items
Cyclopian Axe.pngCyclopian Axe Dead Mouse.pngDead Mouse Spanish Doubloon.pngSpanish Doubloon
Magic Stones.pngMagic Stones Smoldering Larynx.pngSmoldering Larynx

Sanctuary Quest Monsters
Katchaki Skrat the Imp Lord The Cyclopian Warrior
Netopir Fire Ruby Dragon

Sanctuary Walkthrough (Old)


Labyrinth is a long maze dungeon with hidden teleporters moving you to various areas and even backwards in this dungeon.

Located Here

Labyrinth Quest Items
Pyre Feathers.png Pyre Feathers Gold Nugget.png Gold Nugget Egiptski Relic.png Egiptski Relic
Horn of Defeat.png Horn of Defeat Skorp Stinger.png Skorp Stinger

Labyrinth Quest Monsters
Skorp Warrior Slaarion Egiptski Dragon
Golden Liscar Pyre

Labyrinth Walkthrough (Old)

Palace of Paroxysmus

The Palace of Paroxysmus is a long dungeon with a long poison river running through it.

Located Here

Palace of Paroxysmus Quest Items
Radioactive Material.png Radioactive Material Deadly Fang.png Deadly Fang Smelly Goo.png Smelly Goo
Acidproof Rope.png Acid Proof Rope Vile Venom.png Vile Venom

Palace of Paroxysmus Monsters
Toxic Experiment Chief Paroxysmus Otrov the Widowmaker
Putrid Waste Izdajalska

Palace of Paroxysmus Walkthrough (Old)


Bedlam is a smaller dungeon with areas holding the possibility of certain death.

Located Here

Bedlam Quest Items
Adams Rib.png Adam's Rib Jonath's Mask.png Jonath's Mask Grizzled Bones.png Grizzled Bones
Jade Amulet.png Jade Amulet Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key

Bedlam Crypt Entrance

Crypt Key.png Crypt Key

Bedlam Library Password

Book of Secrets.png Book of Secrets

Bedlam Monsters
Red Death Lord Malachai Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Skeletor Master Jonath

Bedlam Mini Quest Monsters

Ancient Mage Mikael Master Theophilus

Notable Monster

Flesh Eating Dragon

Bedlam Walkthrough (Old)

Prism of Light

The Prism of Light is located in fel. It is a circular one way dungeon with teleporters to be used to gain further access in the dungeon.

Prism of Light Location

Prism of Light Walkthrough

The Collection Offered

Once you have gathered the required items, you will need to offer each dungeon's items up separately. To do this you must gather "Collector Boxes" for the area in which you wish to obtain the gem from.

Head to the Excelsior Halls which is on the World Telepad in the "Custom" Section. Walk east and into the building to the North. Find Aerial the Collector Maker. Map View

Here you must speak the name of the dungeon you wish to get the collector box for. (This must be the dungeon's full name)

Once you have the pieces ready and your collector box in your backpack, it is now time for you to add the items from the dungeon into the collector box.

Upon adding the final piece from the specific dungeon, you will be instantly transported to the designated area for each individual dungeon. Walk North to the npc and he will take your collector box and give you a gem from the area you completed.

You must now wait 72 hours before you can fill another dungeon's collector box.

Warning: The item collector must be in your pack when entering this special room. If you add the final item to the collector while it is on the ground, in your bank box, or somewhere else, you will be transported but unable to trade for the Gem. All items in the collector are destroyed once the last one is placed, and you will have to start over on this dungeon.

Six Gems for a Seventh

Once you have claimed the gems for all 6 dungeons, it is time to use your 7th collector, the Gem Collector. To get the Gem Collector you must revisit Aerial the Collector Maker and say "Gem Collector" Place the 6 gems within, and you will trade one final time for The Gem of Completion. Congratulations you have completed the Mage's Inquisition Quest.

The Joys of Completion

GoC.png Gem Of Completion

The Gem of Completion is a blue/orange bracelet when double-clicked, allows you to pick one of the GoC items.



Cap of Knowledge.png Cap of Knowledge Gloves of the Seer.png Gloves of the Seer Shaman's Sleeves.png Shaman's Sleeves Apprentice's Stockings.png Apprentice's Stockings
Legacy of the Archmagi Male.png Legacy of the Archmagi Male Vile Venom.png Legacy of the Archmagi Female Arcanist's Protection.png Arcanist's Protection

GoCHat.pngCap of Knowledge (Cap): Preview

GoCGloves.pngGloves of the Seer (Gloves): Preview

GocSleevesIcon.pngShaman's Sleeves (Sleeves): Preview

GoCBoots.png Apprentice's Stockings (Boots): Preview

GoCShield.pngArcanist's Protection (Shield): Preview

GoCChestIcon.jpg Legacy of the Archmagi (Chest): Female Preview Male Preview

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