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There are several different peerless bosses. Peerless are bosses that are either summoned via an altar/pedestal of some sort with items collected from monsters in the same dungeon, or they spawn on a timer of some sort.


Summoned Peerless

The Travesty

Location: The Citadel

The Citadel is located on the Tokuno Island of Isamu Jima. The entrance is found in the SE Part of the Island.

Items Needed to Summon:

  • Copper - Dragon Flame Key
Dropped by the Black Order Grand Mage
  • Gold - Tiger Claw Key
Dropped by the Black Order Master
  • Silver - Serpent Fang Key
Dropped by the Black Order High Executioner and A Black Order Turnkey


The Citadel is a vast labyrinth of puzzles. You need to figure out each puzzle in order to gain access to the next room. For navigation help, see the Citadel Guide. At the end of the Citadel is an altar that can be double-clicked to teleport to Travesty's chamber. This consumes one set of keys.

Attacking the Travesty directly will polymorph you much like attacking Barracoon turns you into a rat. Your weapons will be unequipped leaving you more vulnerable. If you are already polymorphed, this will not affect you.

Killing Travesty will cause a number of Black Order Mages and Warriors to spawn. Don't be overwhelmed after just finishing a difficult fight.

Special Drop: Imprisoned Dog Crystals


Location: Twisted Weald

Twisted Weald is located inside the mushroom cave near the Spirituality Shrine in Ilshenar.
The Altar to Summon Dreadhorn is located to the South when you enter into the swamp area of Twisted Weald.

Items Needed to Summon:

  • Blighted Cotton - Ground spawn
  • Thorny Briar - Ground spawn
  • Gnaw's Fang - Dropped by Gnaws
  • Lissith's Silk - Dropped by Lady Lissith spiders
  • Sabrix's Eye - Dropped by Lady Sabrix
  • Irk's Brain - Dropped by Irks


Once you have collected all 6 items double click the portal to be teleported onto a ship and walk forward into the teleporter to the island where Dreadhorn has been spawned.

Dreadhorn is a corrupted unicorn that hits about as hard as a Balron, but he has a huge amount of hitpoints, don't forget to bring a decent amount of bandages.

While it doesn't cast magic, Dreadhorn can use the Whirlwind Attack, Mortal Strike, and Armor Pierce abilities. Be aware that with its great strength, these attacks can be lethal even when well armored.

Special Drop: Crimson Cincture

Chief Paroxysmus

Location: Palace of Paroxysmus

Located in Fel, lost lands - see here for more directions
Altar is located at the very end of the dungeon. The dungeon is very linear, but the path diverts, the end will be located East from the entrance.

Items Needed to Summon:

  • 7 body parts - dropped by Putrid Slimes
Severed Left Arm
Severed Right Arm
Severed Left Leg
Severed Right Leg
Dismembered Torso
Blackened Heart
Rotting Head
  • Rabid Brain - dropped by Putrifier


Once you are inside the room with Chief Paroxysmus(Paroxy) you'll notice a very large slug looking boss, that can and will one shot you. Fast healing and resurrecting of pets will be the trick to winning this fight.

Shimmering Effusion

Location: Prism of Light

Located in Fel - see here for more directions
Altar is located at the very end of the dungeon in a room with frozen and unfrozen mummies, if you see an Ice Wyrm, you went the wrong way.

Items Needed to Summon:

  • Fractures Crystal - dropped by Crystal Daemon
  • Shattered Crystal - dropped by Crystalline Sea Serpent
  • Scattered Crystal - dropped by Crystalline Guardian
  • Pieces of Crystal - dropped by Crystal Vortex
  • Broken Crystal - dropped by Unfrozen Mummy


Once you go through the moongate from summoning the Shimmering Effusion(Effy), you'll continue down the corridor into a Red Moongate. Inside the main room there are Fetid Essence- very tough, high Hit Point monsters - hanging around Effy.

Before you enter into the main room, it is suggested you go into stealth mode with a bow. Once inside the main room, wait until an opportune moment to be able to attack and drag Effy into the South corner of the room without the Fetid Essence cohorts. Effy Likes to use peacemaking, which can be an annoyance while using pets. The fight is pretty simple without the Fetid Essence involved.

Special Drops: Imprisoned Ferret Crystal, Crystalline Ring

Spawned Peerless

Monstrous Interred Grizzle

Location: Bedlam

Bedlam can be entered through the Iron Maiden in the Umbra healer shop.
Grizzle spawns in the library found in Bedlam.

Timer: The Grizzle has a normal spawn timer of about 30 minutes, and requires no items to summon.


To enter the Grizzle's library, you will need a password. A book containing this password is dropped by Master Theophilus in the Bedlam crypts. Once you know the word, speak it while next to the slave on the stairway leading to the library and the gate will unlock for a moment. Enter quickly.

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle is capable of Mortal Strikes and Armor Piercing, as well as a dangerous area life drain. Like a succubus, Grizzle can drain life energy from nearby creatures, but the range of its attack is far greater, at least within 8 tiles of the creature. This can kill unprepared warriors quickly. Either heal quickly, or use magic from outside the drain range to attack.

Special Drop: Ethereal Skeletal Steed

Lady Melisande

Location: Blighted Grove

Located in Fel - see here for more directions
Spawns out on a large branch of a tree, accessible through the West corner of the main room.

Timer: Lady Mel has a normal spawn timer of immediately to 30 minutes, and requires no items to summon.


Lady Melisande will randomly spawn Satyrs as you fight her, they will use peacemaking on you. Other than that she's pretty standard. Every 3 or 4 Lady Melisande's, an exceptionally tough one will spawn that hits harder and spawns more Satyrs than usual.

Special Drop: Albino Squirrel in Crystal



Located in Fel - see here for more directions

Timer: Netopir has a normal spawn timer of two hours, and requires no items to summon.


Netopir has life drain area of effect, much like a succubus but with greater range. Fast healing of pets should prevent any pet deaths. Netopir also has high hit points, so just keep healing, having mana regen or a mana leech weapon will be of great help.

Note: Poison Field has been disabled in this area.

Special Drop: Bat Wings



Located in Malas - see here for more directions

Timer: Slaarion has a normal spawn timer of about 15 minutes, and requires no items to summon.


Labyrinth is really straight forward, you can follow the path all the way to where Slaarion is located, in a building at the very end. Slaarion spawned on the first floor of the building, but it is suggested to drag the fight up the the second floor, to avoid any other monsters from joining in on the fight. Slaarion has high hit points, per usual, but likes to poison, which is new. Other than that, heal heal heal. Just keep pounding away until Slaarion dies.

Special Drop: Portal Map