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Universal Dye Tubs (uni dye tub) are a 1-Use Dye Tub that can dye any item and almost any hue in the game. These are obtained by donating to the shard, purchasing from other players and player vendors, or ExEx.

Dyeable Items

Just about everything can be dyed using the Dye Tub. Amongst the most interesting things to be dyed is yourself. If you ever see a person running around in angel form that's extremely colorful, they've uni-dyed their skin. Some items take a little finesse in order to dye.

Uni Angel.pngUni Seed.pngUni Blue Bones.pngUni Bones.pngUni Sandles.pngUni Shield.pngUni Snake.pngUni Blue Angel.png

How To Use

First, You should visit the hue room by going to the World Teleporter > Custom > Hue Room.

  • Browse the various statues for a hue you like.
  • When you find one, single click the statue and a four digit code of numbers will pop up overhead, this is the hue ID number.
    • You may have to try clicking a few times to get the number to show up.

You can test the hue on an article of clothing, any item you have, or yourself, using the dye tubs in the Hue Room, by doing the following:

  • Double click the Dye Tub, and then target itself.
    • A Gump should pop up.
  • On the current gump you can enter a hue ID number, a four digit code.
  • From there you can use the Uni Dye Tub on just about anything you can think of.

Repeat with the your own dye tub to finalize the color.

NOTE: Deeds may be dyed with a uni tub, however the item will NOT be hued once placed. If you dye the deed for a loom and then place it, the loom will not be uni hued. Chopping the loom will return a plain-hued deed. Do not dye deeds with uni tubs unless you do not plan to place them!

Warning: When a Guild purchases a hue, it will be made unavailable for display in the hue room. You'll notice spaces amongst the statues in the hue room. The gump that allows you to enter a hue number does not prevent a player from flipping through the various hues and selecting one that wasn't out on display in the hue room. This is ill-advised! Using another guild's hue without permission can result in your item being changed hue, and possible a universal dye tub given to replace the hue manually yourself when you can.

Always select a hue from the hue room.

Guild Hues

A guild may purchase a hue for their guild, meaning only guild members, or someone outside of the guild with the guildmaster's permission, may use the purchased hue. Once a hue is purchased it is removed from the hue room. Basically, if the hue is still in the hue room, it is useable.

To purchase a custom guild hue you can page for an Admin to help you in the matter. The cost is 2 million gold pieces to register the hue, And 2 million per hue tub (weapons, clothing and mounts are purchased as separate tubs). At time of registration You must pay the registration fee, and purchase one of the hue tubs.

Available tubs:

  • Cloth
  • Metal (armor, weapons, shields)
  • Runebook (runebooks and rune stones)
  • Leather (leather armor)
  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Moongate (house-to-house gate, house gate)

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