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The Basics

On this shard we are lucky enough to have customised treasure hunting! You will need just 2 items to commence such an adventure, a treasure map and a shovel. Treasure maps are dropped randomly on monsters that you kill in trammel and fel. Monsters can drop maps for either facet, the harder the monster the higher level maps are dropped by them. For an example of what drops which maps see the monsters spawned with each level chest below as a start, but this is not an exhaustive list.

In terms of skills, you will need cartography and lockpicking, mining is optional (the higher the skill the further you can stand from the chest spot while digging it up). The more difficult the map the greater the rewards and the associated danger. See the table below for what loot you can expect from the different levels of chests.

Finding your chest
Trammel: There are 2 things that will be your best friend in finding your chest, this page here (accessed June 2015) and a rune library. Take a look at your map and the map on the webpage and click the area you think it is in, next you'll see a closer map style view with loads of red pins. Make a note of the number of the red pin that you think is yours and then find the rune of that number in the library and recall to that location, simple!

Find via script
There is an incredible tool that +Requiem has recommended that will even take the pin matching part of the process out of the equation. At the following URL you can download an EasyUO script that will tell you the map number of any map that you open. It's quite incredible really, but mostly useful for trammel as you can just hop on down to your rune library and visit the number location that the script spits out.

Fel: This follows a similar procedure, but you can't recall to your location. Instead you will require a sextant and a bit of leg work. You can find the co-ordinates for your map by using the archive still, but when you click your pin on the webpage you will need to make a note of the co-ordinates of where to find it, rather than the map number. Next, head to Fel and head to the rough location of your map and use the sextant, your co-ordinates will appear above your head and you can move around until you are at the chest.

To start digging, with the shovel in your pack double click the shovel and then target your map and the animation will start, or you can single click the map and click "dig for treasure". While digging you cannot move or drag items in your pack or cast spells because it will cancel the digging and you will need to dig again. You can still defend yourself as long as you're not moving from where you're digging.

Looting your chest
Each time you take something out there is a chance that it will spawn another monster from the list below according to the level of the chest. This includes removing single items from stacks, so if you want to make the most of the spawn, loot everything individually! Once you have finished looting your chest you can remove it by single clicking it and then remove, just to be courteous to other treasure hunters as otherwise they need to wait for your chest to decay before digging theirs up.

The Loot

Level Map Lockpicking/Cartography required^ Monsters Initial spawn Loot Number of items Special loot level*
1 Plainly drawn 36 Headless one, Mongbat, Skeleton, Zombie 1 800-1200 gold, 3x reagent stack, 3x gems, 5x scrolls 19-24 1
2 Expertly drawn 76 Earth Elemental, Gargoyle, Gazer, Orc, Hell Hound 4 2400-3600 gold, 5x reagent stack, 6x gems, 10x scrolls 36-41 1
3 Adeptly drawn 84 Air Elemental, Fire Elemental, Dread Spider, Ogre Lord, Lich 4 3600-4860 gold, 9x reagent stack, 9x gems, 15x scrolls 53-58 1
4 Cleverly drawn 92 Deamon, Dread Spider, Ogre Lord, Lich Lord, Elder Gazer 4 6400-8850 gold, 12x reagent stack, 12x gems, 20x scrolls 70-75 2
5 Deviously drawn 100 Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental, Elder Gazer, Daemon, Lich Lord 4 8000-12000 gold, 15x reagent stack, 15x gems, 25x scrolls 87-92 2
6 Ingeniously drawn 106 Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Titan, Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental 5 12000-18000 gold, 18x reagent stack, 18x gems, 30x scrolls 105-110 3
7 Diabolically drawn 120+ Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Titan, Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental& 7 27000-36000 gold, 21x reagent stack, 21x gems, 36x scrolls 121-126 4
8 Infernally drawn 120++ -No info yet-& - Random paragon artifact now appears in lvl 8 chests -

^Lockpicking required
The lockpicking/cartography required in this table may now be out after the 2.0 update to treasure hunting in May 2017, as C+ stated that over 120 lockpicking is required for a lvl 7 chest, but using +1 gear will suffice, but a level 8 will require multiple +3 pieces.

& Monster difficulty
Monsters on lvl 7 and lvl 8 chests have increased difficulty and also yield greater weapon exp than their usual versions.

*Special Loot
You can tell if a chest contains any 'special loot' by the number of items it contains. If it contains the lowest number possible there will be no special items, each addition item the chest carries over the lower limit will be a special item up to a max of 4.

Level 1 : Bucket, Lantern of Souls, Coconuts (3 different graphic types and all edible), Soulstone Shards (type 1), Crystal Ball, Novice Lockpicking and Cartography +1 Gear

Level 2 : Bucket, Coconuts (3 different graphic types and all edible), Soulstone Shards (type 2), Adept Lockpicking and Cartography +3 Gear

Level 3 : Bucket, Coconuts (3 different graphic types and all edible), Soulstone Shards (type 2), Master Lockpicking and Cartography +5 Gear

Level 4 : Bucket, Coconuts (3 different graphic types and all edible), Soulstone Shards (type 3), Master Lockpicking and Cartography +5 Gear

In addition to this loot you will also have a whole host of weapons and armour with various added stats, whether these are any use is debatable.

Maps in chests
Monsters only drop maps up to level 5 maps, level 6 maps can be obtained from paragon chests from a monster that would drop a level 5 map, the highest level maps come from other treasure maps. When you open a chest there is a chance to obtain a map 1 level higher than the current chest (8 is the max), the facet the map belongs to is random. Luck DOES affect your chances of getting a map in the chest. Players have reported that with high luck (3K+) the rate of finding a map in a lvl 5 chest in Fel is about 50% and in Tram is about 25%.

Swamp notes in chests
There is a roughly 10% chance of finding a secret stash note that will be 1 to 3 levels lower than the treasure chest you are looting.

Lockpicking and cartography + gear
We have lock-picking and cartography bonus skill gear to take you over your cap, and it will be necessary to unlock lvl7 and 8 chests, even with 120 natural lockpicking (as of May 2017).

A feature on this gear is tenacity, which has a value of up to 100%, each time you use a piece of armor the tenacity will decrease. When the tenacity reaches 0%, you will no longer receive the bonus to your stats. There is currently no way to repair tenacity.

The lockpicking system has been updated as well (as of May 2017) to incorporate a timer, similar to the new crafting systems. Lockpicks made of different materials will make your job easier or more difficult, depending on the difficulty of the chest you are trying to unlock, and your skill. each map has it's own difficulty, which is then added to the 'level' of the lockpick. So, using an ice lockpick will have different results than using a platinum lockpick on the same chest. You may also notice your lockpicks breaking more often on more difficult chests.

New Loot (2.0 update, May 2017)

An epic addition to the treasure hunting system also sees collectables added to chests. These collectables spawn at a maximum of 1 per chest, and it has been observed by players that the spawn rate of these new collectables is roughly 20% and the collectable is not seemingly tied to a particular chest location. i.e. if you dig up another chest in the same place you may get a different item from that collection. The details of what can be found at each level and facet are listed below.

Level Map Number of collectables in set Tram collecatbles Fel collectables
1 Plainly drawn 23 1. A Dire Wolf Figurine
2. A Silver Wolf Figurine
3. A Hell Hound Figurine
4. A Gray Wolf Figurine
5. A Hound Dog Figurine
6. A Dog Figurine
7. Copper Ingots
8. Gold Ingots
9. Iron Ingots
10. Silver Ingots
11. A Cougar Figurine
12. A Snow Leopard Figurine
13. A Hellcat Figurine
14. A Cat Figurine
15. A Panther Figurine
16. A Cait-Sith Figurine
17. A Beholder Figurine
18. A Mongbat Figurine
19. A Pixie Figurine
20. A Wisp Figurine
21. An Efreet Figurine
22. A Dragon Figurine
23. An Imp Figurine
2 Expertly drawn 20 1. A Terethan Queen Figurine
2. A Terethan Drone Figurine
3. A Terethan Avenger Figurine
4. A Terethan Warrior Figurine
5. A Grey Frenzied Ostard Figurine
6. A Grey Forest Ostard Figurine
7. A Brown Frenzied Ostard Figurine
8. A Green Forest Ostard Figurine
9. A Desert Ostard Figurine
10. A Red Solen Warrior Figurine
11. A Black Solen Warrior Figurine
12. A Red Solen Worker Figurine
13. A Black Solen Worker Figurine
14. A Red Solen Queen Figurine
15. A Black Solen Queen Figurine
16. An Ettin Figurine
17. A Cyclops Figurine
18. A Titan Figurine
19. An Ogre Figurine
20. A Troll Figurine
3 Adeptly drawn 18 1. A Giant Silver Snake Figurine
2. A Giant Snake Figurine
3. A Giant Lava Snake Figurine
4. A Giant Ice Snake Figurine
5. A Black Bear Figurine
6. A Grizzley Bear Figurine
7. A Polar Bear Figurine
8. A Bear Figurine
9. A Dappled Brown Horse Figurine
10. A Fire Steed Figurine
11. A Chestnut Brown Horse Figurine
12. A Nightmare Figurine
13. A Light Brown Horse Figurine
14. A Light Brown Horse With White Stripe Figurine
15. A Grey Horse Figurine
16. A Dark Brown Horse Figurine
17. A Dark Steed Figurine
18. A Mule Figurine
4 Cleverly drawn 16 1. A Plague Beast Figurine
2. A Swamp Dragon Figurine
3. A Corpser Figurine
4. A Bog Thing Figurine
5. A Bogling Figurine
6. A Quagmire Figurine
7. A Giant Beetle Figurine
8. A Fire Beetle Figurine
9. A Ghost Figurine
10. A Skeleton Figurine
11. A Rotting Corpse Figurine
12. A Zombie Figurine
13. A Wailing Banshee Figurine
14. A Ghoul Figurine
15. A Mummy Figurine
16. A Skeleton Mage Figurine
5 Deviously drawn 33 1. A Bull Figurine
2. A Rat Figurine
3. A Giant Rat Figurine
4. An Eagle Figurine
5. A Rabbit Figurine
6. A Silverback Gorilla Figurine
7. A Walrus Figurine
8. A Bird Figurine
9. A Vampire Bat Figurine
10. A Billy Goat Figurine
11. A Pig Figurine
12. A Cow Figurine
13. A Skittering Hopper Figurine
14. A Gorilla Figurine
15. A Bullfrog Figurine
16. A Giant Scorpion Figurine
17. A Crocodile Figurine
18. A Giant Toad Figurine
19. A Hiryu Figurine
20. A Gaman Figurine
21. A Tsuki Wolf Figurine
22. A Bake-Kitsune Figurine
23. A Lady of the Snow Figurine
24. A Revenant Lion Figurine
25. A Rune Beetle Figurine
26. A Kappa Figurine
27. A Fan Dancer Figurine
28. A Crane Figurine
29. A Deathwatch Beetle Figurine
30. An Oni Figurine
31. A Yomotsu Priest Figurine
32. A Yomotsu Warrior Figurine
33. A Yomotsu Elder Figurine
6 Ingeniously drawn 20 1. A Water Elemental Figurine
2. An Air Elemental Figurine
3. A Crystal Elemental Figurine
4. An Earth Elemental Figurine
5. A Snow Elemental Figurine
6. An Ice Elemental Figurine
7. A Poison Elemental Figurine
8. A Fire Elemental Figurine
9. A Blood Elemental Figurine
10. An Acid Elemental Figurine
11. A Shadowlord Figurine
12. An Evil Mage Figurine
13. A Golem Figurine
14. A Stone Gargoyle Figurine
15. A Gargoyle Figurine
16. A Doppleganger Figurine
17. A Treefellow Figurine
18. A Ratman Figurine
19. Am Evil Mage Boss Figurine
20. Forged Metal
7 Diabolically drawn 22 1. A Tormented Minotaur Figurine
2. A Minotaur Figurine
3. A Dryad Figurine
4. A Cu Sidhe Figurine
5. A Squirrel Figurine
6. A Ferret Figurine
7. A Centaur Figurine
8. A Unicorn Figurine
9. A Ki-Rin Figurine
10. Davy Jones' Locker
11. A Chaos Demon Figurine
12. A Horde Demon Figurine
13. A Moloch Demon Figurine
14. A Daemon Figurine
15. An Ice Demon Figurine
16. A Black Gate Daemon Figurine
17. An Arcane Demon Figurine
18. The Lord of the Abyss Figurine
19. The Collector of Souls Figurine
20. The Slayer Figurine
21. A firepit
22. Lucky Horseshoes
8 Infernally drawn 26 1. A Dark Father Figurine
2. A Darknight Creeper Figurine
3. A Flesh Renderer Figurine
4. An Impaler Figurine
5. A Shadow Knight Figurine
6. An Abyssal Horror Figurine
7. Nostradamus' Lost Tarot
8. Ponce de León's Journal
9. The Niña
10. The Pinta
11. The Santa Maria
12. The Aztec's Cursed Silver
13. A Templar Knight's Abacus
14. A Travesty Figurine
15. A Slaarion Figurine
16. A Monstrous Interred Grizzle Figurine
17. A Netopir Figurine
18. A Lady Melisande Figueine
19. A Shimmering Effusion Figurine
20. A Dread Horn Figurine
21. A Chief Paroxysmus Figurine
22. The Black Pearl
23. Queen Anne's Revenge
24. Inferno
25. Joan Of Arc's Breastplate
26. Athena's Shield