Paragon Artifacts

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Paragon Artifacts

When a non-Champion/Named Monster spawns in Ilshenar, there is about a 5% chance it will be a Paragon of it's kind. Paragons are far more powerful then a standard creature of their type, and the stronger examples can potentially kill an unprepared player within a couple of seconds.

Defeating a paragon provides a chance of having a Traditional Minor appear directly in your pack dependent on the Fame of the creature, and your level of Luck. Although they don't give artifacts terribly often, the paragons themselves are fairly easy to locate (and often to defeat) and so their specific artifacts are considered common.

Paragon Chests

Paragon creatures capable of dropping Treasure Maps as loot have a 10% chance of providing a special chest on death. This chest contains a map that is one level above whatever that creature would usually drop. Ingeniously drawn (Level 6) maps are obtainable via the chests dropped by monsters who would normally drop Devious (Level 5) maps.

Item List

Alchemist's Bauble.pngAlchemist's Bauble Arctic Death Dealer.pngArctic Death Dealer Blaze Of Death.pngBlaze Of Death BowoftheJukaKing.gifBow of the Juka King
Burglar's Bandana.pngBurglar's Bandana Cavorting Club.pngCavorting Club Cold Blood.pngCold Blood EnchantedTitanLegBone.gifEnchanted Titan Leg Bone
GlovesofthePugilist.gifGloves of the Pugilist GoldBricks.gifGold Bricks Gwenno's Harp.pngGwenno's Harp HeartoftheLion.gifHeart of the Lion
Iolo's Lute.pngIolo's Lute LunaLance.gifLuna Lance NightsKiss.gifNight's Kiss Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow.pngNox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow
OrcishVisage.gifOrcish Visage PhillipsWoodenSteed.gifPhillip's Wooden Steed PixieSwatter.gifPixie Swatter Polar Bear Mask.pngPolar Bear Mask
Shield Of Invulnerability.pngShield Of Invulnerability Staff Of Power.pngStaff Of Power Violet Courage.pngViolet Courage WrathoftheDryad.gifWrath of the Dryad

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