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Elven Notes are a currency dropped by Peerless and a few other monsters. They can be used to purchase a few different items; first, you'll need to obtain a Portal Map from Slaarion in Labyrinth. The Portal Map does not drop 100% of the time from Slaarion. Once you use the Portal Map to enter the "Note Room", it will disappear!

Imprisoned Ferret (in a crystal) 500 Notes
Imprisoned Squirrel (in a crystal) 500 Notes
Crystal Token 1,000 Notes
Crystalline Ring 10,000 Notes
Ethereal Reptalon 20,000 Notes

Imprisoned Pets

Crystal Token : Can be used to obtain a Crystal decoration item of your choice (Crystal Throne/Altar etc.).

Crystalline Ring: Ring with some lower end stats. (Can also be obtained by killing the Shimmering Effusion)

Ethereal Reptalon: An ethereal mount with the appereance of a Rend (can be found in Labyrinth but not tamed). This mount takes 1 pet control slot.