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Raising Taming by Crafting

Custom to UOEX is the "Brush" Tool, which allows you to raise your taming skill via crafting. Tamers can make items such as: potions, dyes, house addons, shrink pots, and leashes. Although these items cannot be chopped/recycled for materials or sold to NPCs, they allow you to raise taming far quicker than the normal method of actually taming. While most of the items you craft to raise taming (i.e. dyes) are useless/can simply be thrown away, some items (shrink pots, pet rez pots, and mainly leashes) are sought by players and sell decently.

An in depth guide for raising Animal Taming (either via crafting or actual taming) can be found in the Skill Guides.

Taming Tips/Tricks


A good skill to raise with Animal Taming is Peacemaking. Often, higher level animals will aggro you, making taming difficult. Peacemaking will cause the target to stop attacking, allowing you the chance to tame the creature without fear of it eating you first. Peacemaking has two modes: single target and area. By targeting the animal/monster itself you will pacify only that creature. By targeting yourself, you pacify all monsters in the surrounding area.


Some tamable critters, like mules, need to be subdued first before they can be tamed. This is done by attacking it until its health gets low enough to tame it, whereupon a message will appear saying "this creature has been subdued". Using a weapon with Mortal Strike will prevent pets from healing, making taming pets that must be subdued easier.

Pet Loyalty

In order to keep your pet loyal to you, you must feed it. Some pets like fruits and vegetables, some prefer raw meat. You can find the proper food to feed your pet by using animal lore and sifting through the gump that comes up. It would be wise to feed your pet every few hours. The longer you go with your pet out without feeding it, the higher the chance it will go wild. Retamed pets will have half their original stats. Bios and imprisoned pets will disappear upon going wild.

Pet Shrinking

By using leashes or shrink pots, you can shrink pets into your backpack as an item that can be moved/traded. There is no need to stable pets, as you can simply store them in your pack/bank/house. Instead of having your pets slowly follow you through dungeons/from area to area, shrink them, take them out when needed, and leash them when it's time to move on. While pets are shrunk, you are able to see their stats (Str/HP/Resists/Skills/AR/AP, etc.) and weigh 25 stones.

Pet Bonding

Bonded pet benefits

By bonding a pet, your pet will turn into a ghost upon death, giving you the option of resurrecting it with bandages or pet rez pots. For those without pet rez pots/sufficient veterinary skill, a pet resurrection stone can be found to the west of Britain Bank next to the ankh. Bonded pets will also recall with you. Pets that are not bound will disappear upon death.

Using a deed

Players can bond their pet(s) by buying a pet bonding deed from the vendor stone at the Town Center for 10k tokens. After buying a pet bonding deed, double click it and target a pet (that is not shrunken).

Using food

In addition to buying a pet bonding deed, your pet will bond naturally after one real world week. When you first tame your pet, feed it. To find out which foods it will eat, you will need to use Animal Lore on it. After one real world week of having your pet in either your house, pack, or stable, feed it again and it will bond to you.

Pet Stat Loss

When bonded pets die, they have a 25% chance to suffer a loss. There are 3 different types of loss that may occur upon death:

  • The pet's total exp are halved upon death (Fairly inconsequential, as most pets will be max level).
  • The pet's ability points are halved upon death.
  • The pet can suffer a 5% stat loss (Str/Int/Dex/Resists). This is considered the worst of the three.

Pack Instinct

Animals with pack instinct receive a damage bonus when attacking the same target (no bonus is granted if pack animals are attacking different targets. Non-pack animals do not receive any bonus for attacking the same target).

Pack Instinct Bonus
Number of Pets Damage Bonus
2 +25%
3 +50%
4 +75%
5 +100%

There are seven types of pack instinct creatures:

Pack Instinct Types
Pack Type Creatures
Arachnid Frost Spider, Giant Spider, Scorpion
Bear Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear
Canine Imprisoned Pets, Dire Wolf, Dog, Grey Wolf, Hell Hound, Timber Wolf, White Wolf
Daemon Fire Steed, Imps, Nobles
Equine Fire Steed
Feline Cat, Cougar, Hellcat (small/large), panther, Predator Hellcat, Snow Leopard
Ostard Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Frenzied Ostard

Different animals that belong to the same group can be used together to receive the pack instinct damage bonus (e.g. Imprisoned Pets/Hell Hounds, Frost Spiders/Giant Scorpions, or Cougars/Panthers). However, two animals that can use pack instinct but belong to different groups will not receive the bonus (e.g. Cats/Dogs).

Note: To receive the damage bonus, all of the pets within the pack must be attacking the same target. Should your pack of five pets be attacking two targets, you will not receive the full 100% damage bonus. The two on Target "A" will receive a 25% bonus against "A", while the three on Target "B" receive a 50% bonus.