Basic UO quests

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Ambitious Solen Queen Quest

Starting Point: Talk to the Ambitious Queen in the Southeastern part of the Solen Hive.

Description: Kill 5 of the rivalling Solen Queens and collect 50 Zoogi Fungi for the Ambitious Solen Queen.

Rewards: 250-350 Gold, a Bag of Sending and some Powder of Translocation.

The Solen Matriarch Quest

Starting Point: Talk to the Solen Matriarch in the center of the Solen Hive. Drop a seed onto her to get her to talk to you.

Description: Kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrators and refresh the water supply using 8 water pitchers. Collect up to 200 Zoogi fungi while you're killing the infiltrators.

Rewards: 250-350 Gold, 1-100 Powder of Translocation and the Friendship of the Hive.

The Collector Quest

Starting Point: Talk to Elwood McCarrin at The Albatross Bar and Grill in Haven.

Description: Collect various rarities for Elwood McCarrin the collector in Haven.

Rewards: 600-700 Gold, A Magic Item, A Section of an Obsidian Statue (10 sections create a complete bust) and 4 Monster Images.

The Study of the Solen Hive

Starting Point: Talk to a Naturalist found in any Library.

Description:Study the 4 Solen Egg Nests to help the Naturalist with his research.

Rewards: A Rare Seed.

The Witch's Apprentice

Starting Point: Talk to Grizelda the Hag in the Ruins in the forest south of Yew.

Description: Help the witch recover her recipe and then find the ingredients listed on it for her.

Items Required: Shovel*, Spyglass*, Dagger/Sword*, Empty Pitcher*, A Tricorne Hat*, Lots of Alcohol*

  • This item is only needed sometimes.

Rewards: 2000 - 2200 Gold, 30 of each Reagent, A Magic Item, A Treasure Map, A Cauldron, A Bottle of Magical Moonfire Brew, Grizelda's Extra Strength Hangover Cure (Only if you are drunk)

Zeefzorpul Locations

The Summoning (Gauntlet)

Starting Point:Talk to Victoria at the center of Doom dungeon in Malas

Description: Collect 1,000 daemon bones to summon the Bone Demon.

Rewards: Once you kill the Bone Demon you'll receive a golden skull in your backpack which is the key to accessing Doom Gauntlet.


  • The one who started the quest must be the FIRST one to click and open the corpse. If someone else disturbs the corpse first, you will not receive the golden skull.
  • You must OPEN the corpse in order to receive the golden skull. Using [claim or [claimall without opening the corpse will prevent you from receiving the golden skull.

More information on the Gauntlet can be found here: Doom Gauntlet