Winter Events - Rules

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- All quests are by account. You may not run them multiple times by utilizing alternate characters on your account.

- Boats are NOT permitted to be used for any function regarding any of these quests. Don't even try to sail there. If you manage to drop a boat, it will be deleted without refund.

- You may not "glitch" out of the event area and wander the facet. We have added safeguards to restrict access only to the allowed event areas. If we find you outside of the event area without having reported it, you will receive jail for exploiting. If you do accidentally find a way out, stand still, send a page. Don't go wandering.

- All spawn camping/sharing rules are in effect for all stages of these quests. This also goes for the items that you must collect from around the event areas.

- All of the usual codex rules are in effect for all event areas and quests.

- Any attempts to manipulate, cheat, or exploit any portion of these quests will result in removal of rewards, being barred from the event areas, and jail time.