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Of the eight Virtues of the Avatar, only two are active, Sacrifice and Compassion. To view your dedication to these virtues, double click the symbol above your character's head on the Paperdoll.

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Each virtue has three paths (Seeker, Follower, Knight) and the benefits of that Virtue increase with each path. You can see how much you are progressing in each virtue by clicking on 'Status' in the Virtue Menu.


What it does

When you resurrect a player and you have a path (or more) in Compassion, they will have some of their Hit Points recovered.

  • First Path - 20% HP
  • Second Path - 40% HP
  • Third Path - 80% HP

How to gain

To obtain compassion you must escort certain NPCs to their wanted destination. These NPCs can be found near almost every Town Telepad or every 'Prisoner Camp'. The further you must 'travel' for them, the more Compassion you will gain.


If you use the Restoration spell for resurrecting players then this Virtue is pretty redundant, since the spell restores a player's health completely.


What it does

Having the Sacrifice Virtue allows you to resurrect yourself when stuck between a rock and a hard place, returning everything to you from your body as well.

  • First Path - 1 resurrection per week
  • Second Path - 2 resurrections per week
  • Third Path - 3 resurrections per week

How to gain

To gain in Sacrifice you must give up your fame to 'save' an evil creature (Liches are good). To do this, double-click the teardrop that represents Sacrifice (while you are alive) and target an evil monster. They will disappear after 'repenting' and your fame will be reset to zero. The higher your fame is, the more you will gain in Sacrifice.

Virtues3.JPG Virtues4.JPG


This is an AWESOME ability to have, period. Fame is relatively easy to get and the 'sacrifice' is well worth it!