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Your account will accrue 1 veteran point per month, but only if your account has been active within that month. The number of rewards available rolls over, so you can save up for a future reward. You can also select rewards from previous months in place of current ones (ie. you can take a dye tub as a 6 month reward).

To access the veteran rewards menu, type [ach in-game.

To view all of the available veteran rewards, go to Excelsior Halls from any world teleporter, then follow the path east. The display building is just inside the city walls, on the north side of the road.

Account Age Reward
1 Month Dye Tubs: Black, White
2 Months Dye Tubs: Leather, Special
4 Months Ethereal Steeds: Horse, Llama

Dye Tubs: Furniture, Runebook

6 Months Ethereal Steeds: Forest Ostard, Ridgeback
8 Months Ethereal Steeds: Beetle, Swamp Dragon

Dye Tubs: Statuette

10 Months Ethereal Steeds: Cu Sidhe, Ki-rin
1 year Ethereal Steeds: Charger of The Fallen, Unicorn

Decoration: Tattered Banner (2 styles)

Footprints: Floor cracks

Titles: "1 Year Veteran", "Toddler at Arms"

1.5 years Ethereal Steeds: Desert Ostard

Decoration: UO Banner

Footprints: Flowers

2 years Ethereal Steeds: Polar Bear

Decoration: Chaos Banner, Order Banner

Footprints: Mushrooms, Snow

Titles: "2 Year Veteran"

3 years Decoration: Couple Statue, Horse and Rider Statue

Footprints: Water, Sparkles

Titles: "3 Year Veteran", "Steward of Mistvale", "Champchaser"

4 years Ethereal Steeds: Gaman

Dye Tub: Bloody Sunset (25 uses)

Decoration: Man with Spear Statue

Footprints: Crystals

Titles: "4 Year Veteran"

5 years Ethereal Steeds: Centaur

Decoration: Banner of the Disciples

Footprints: Fire

Titles: "5 Year Veteran", "Sentinel of Sgail", "Codex Connoisseur"

6 years Ethereal Steeds: Sphynx

Footprints: Gemstones

Titles: "6 Year Veteran"

7 years Dye Tub: Burnished Gold (25 uses)

Footprints: Runes

Titles: "7 Year Veteran"

8 years Ethereal Steeds: Undead Steed

Footprints: Blood

Titles: "8 Year Veteran", "Sage of the Avatar", "Master of Macroing"

9 years Dye Tub: Black Velvet (25 uses)

Titles: "9 Year Veteran"

10 years Ethereal Steeds: Cerulean Dragon

Decoration: Banner of the Elders

Footprints: Skulls and bones

Titles: "10 Year Veteran", "Knight of Excelsior", "Legendary Banksitter"

11 years Decoration: Attacking Minotaur Statue, Defending Minotaur Statue

Title: "11 Year Veteran"

12 years Ethereal Steeds: Elite Undead Steed

Decoration: Banner of the Ancients

Titles: "12 Year Veteran", "Warden of Destiny", "World Chat Watchdog"

13 years Decoration: Lady Moonglow Statue

Titles: "13 Year Veteran"

14 years Decoration: Guardian Statue

Titles: "14 Year Veteran"

15 years Ethereal Steeds: Storm Drake

Decoration: Primordial Banner

Titles: "15 Year Veteran", "Guardian of the Realm", "Renouncer of Real-Life"