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Uo Auto Map

This program helps you navigate through UO with its built in map, and allows you to add points of interest, find locations, and much much more.

Below is a tutorial on installing UO Auto Map correctly.


First you will need to download the UO Auto Map program - you can get it from this page UO Auto Map

Once it has finished downloading, run the program and allow it to update, which should only happen once.

Important: This program may need to run in compatibility mode when running Windows 7/Vista. Right click on the UOAM.exe file, select properties, and change to the compatibility tab. Place a check mark next to compatibility mode and select Windows XP SP2. If you run Razor in administrator mode, set UOAM to do so as well.

Black Auto Map

Once you start UOAM, you may noticed that the maps are showing black. Click on "Maps" on the toolbar and select the "UO Client Data Files Location" which will allow you to enter the correct location of the map files. Enter in that location manually with wherever you installed UO.
eg. C:\Program Files\Ultima Online - Excelsior Shard

Every so often the map may become out of sync with your player's location. Usually clicking on the map and re-selecting the facet you are on resolves this. This will eventually be updated with screenshots to better help your installation process.