Treasures of Tokuno

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Treasures of Tokuno are artifacts that can be obtained in the facet of Tokuno.

The Minor Artifacts can be obtained by slaying creatures around the Tokuno Islands. The more creatures killed, the more likely an artifact would appear in your pack upon defeating the next foe.

If you have 10 such Minor Tokuno Artifacts, they can be "returned" to Ihara Soko the Finance Minister of Tokuno in exchange for a Major Tokuno Artifact (even if they have been damaged through use).

Minor Artifacts

Ancient Farmer's Kasa.pngAncient Farmer's Kasa Ancient Samurai Do.pngAncient Samurai Do Ancient Urn.pngAncient Urn Arms of Tactical Excellence.pngArms of Tactical Excellence
Black Lotus Hood.pngBlack Lotus Hood Chest of Heirlooms.pngChest of Heirlooms Daimyo's Helm.pngDaimyo's Helm Demon Forks.pngDemon Forks
The Destoryer.pngThe Destroyer Dragon Nunchaku.pngDragon Nunchaku Exiler.pngExiler Flute of Renewal.pngFlute of Renewal
Gloves of the Sun.pngGloves of the Sun Hanzo's Bow.pngHanzo's Bow Honorable Swords.pngHonorable Swords Legs of Stability.pngLegs of Stability
Peasant's Bokuto.pngPeasant's Bokuto Pigments of Tokuno.PNGPigments of Tokuno (Lesser) Pilfered Dancer Fans.pngPilfered Dancer Fans Tome of Enlightenment.pngTome of Enlightenment

Major Artifacts

Darkened Sky.pngDarkened Sky Kasa of the Raj-In.pngKasa of the Raj-In Pigments of Tokuno.pngPigments of Tokuno (Greater) Rune Beetle Carapace.pngRune Beetle Carapace
Stormgrip.pngStormgrip Sword of the Stampede.pngSword of the Stampede Swords of Prosperity.pngSwords of Prosperity The Horselord.pngThe Horselord
Tome of Lost Knowledge.pngTome of Lost Knowledge Wind's Edge.pngWind's Edge