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Item Binding & Insurance

Blessed Items

These items are permanently blessed. As long as you are wearing them or they are in your TOP MOST BACKPACK (Or in a blessed bag)then they will return to you when you are killed without having to loot your corpse.

Insured Items

If you single left click yourself, you may insure most items. Anything that is insured and in your TOP MOST BACKPACK (or in a blessed bag) will return to you when you are killed without having to loot your corpse. You must have money in your bank every time you die to re-insure any items you have insured. See more below for item insurance.

Account Bound Items

These items can not be traded to anyone else. They are bound to your account. You may bless them or insure them as any normal item, but being account bound does NOT mean they are blessed by default.

Bind on Equip

These items are tradeable, until they are equipped when they become account bound to the person who first wears it. Once again, these items are not blessed or insured by default.

Insurance 101

Key Reason Why Insurance is so great

It is actually a choice for you whether you want to lose items or not! How Nice!

Who qualifies for Insurance?


How much does it cost?

600gp per item when you die. MAKE SURE YOU SET IT TO AUTO RENEW (meaning it will not cancel after your first death, but work after EVERY death)

How do I get Insurance?

Insurance options can be found by left clicking on your character in game.

How do I determine if it is worth it for me to use Insurance?

Are each of your insurable items worth more then 600gp each? If yes, then insure!

When should I use insurance?

If you are going to be in combat. Take a sec and check to make sure you are covered and your money is in your bank.

What if I only want to use it sometimes? What would you recommend?

I would recommend using insurance when:
  • Hunting alone.
  • Hunting in a place where you (and your friends) are unfamiliar.
  • If you are not going to be able to pay total attention to the game due to rl things or lots of :PMing/chatting.
  • If you don't want to take the time to add/cancel insurance then just leave it on.
    • Each time you insure an item, it takes a fee.

What item(s) should I have insured at the bare minimum?

  • Spellcaster's Keys (so you can recall to a corpse stone)
  • Your weapon (to fight off any low level creatures if you resurrect and run away to a less dangerous area, but still might need to kill some low level monsters before recalling.)


  • Insured items must be in your main (top) backpack or equipped to be kept at death!
  • Always plan ahead. If you cant afford your insurance, then don't go fight things that will kill you. Make/save money, THEN go out into the great unknown.
  • When it all comes down to it, money is always available, but some of your armor/weapons might be something you would not want to part with for various reasons. So bite the bullet and play smart....
...or play dangerously, but DO NOT blame others if you lose items. It's just ignorant.

Resurrection and Corpse Retrieval 101

Who is eligible to undergo a resurrection?


How much does it cost?

3 options:
  • Player, cost 0
  • Ankh, cost 0
  • Healer, cost 0

Who is eligible for a corpse retrieval?


How much does it cost?

20k gp per use

When should I use it?

  • If you do NOT have stealth ability to get back to your body when it is too far to reach before your blessing goes away.
  • If you do NOT have Night Sight and Stealth to be able to see your corpse if you are in a cave/dungeon.
  • If your body is somewhere in a pile of many other creature corpses, and finding it would take too long.
  • If your items are worth more then 20k gp and you are not confidant you can get to your body without dying again.

'I am Stuck' Option 101

What is this?

At the top of your screen you will see a thin, movable bar, with the buttons Journal, Inventory, Paperdoll, Help, etc.
  • Click the Help button.
  • You will then see a window open, with options for what type of help you need.
  • You will choose the option that says something about "My player is physically stuck..."
  • You will be teleported in a couple of minutes to a town WITHIN the facet you are currently in, if you are in Tram or Fel.


  • This option has limited use, so use this if you are no where near a healer, an ankh, or a player!
  • Do NOT wait very long after death to use it! It takes a couple minutes before it transports you to a local city.
  • ALSO if you are in Fel, it will only transport you to a Fel city! (So it is best follow the above advice and DO NOT go out somewhere where you are not qualified to go alone, or your friend is also not qualified! Healers in Fel cities are hard to find. Healers can wander outside of cities).
  • I believe you can use it 3 times in 1 week.